Thursday, October 30, 2008

Prego Update

Ok. So you can all stop worrying. I am doing ok. I say this because of course, I'm not 100 percent, but I am feeling better than last weekend. Somehow my body decided to add a terrible cold to the mix, so it hasn't been fun. The last couple days have been so much better. The Nausea has subsided, the sinus stuff is working its way out in the form of a cruddy cough, and all is back to a somewhat "normal" pregnancy. I can handle the fatigue, I just LAZY around all day. It is already noon and I have yet to shower, dress my girls, and do some house work. I've noticed the earlier part of my day is much better than the latter. I'm eating CONSTANTLY and I can't STAND it! You see, normally I just eat little bits of things here and there, and it doesn't take much to make me full. NOW, I eat an actual MEAL, and an hour later my stomach is growling madly with hunger. I can't stand eating this much, it feels like all I do is rummage for something to hold me. Anyway, Thanks to all of you for your concern. I've had offers for meals and babysitting and I really appreciate it. I feel like I don't really deserve it though, you are all too kind. Things are well. My husband has been absolutely wonderful in the "help" department. I have my first Dr. appointment tomorrow morning...just with the nurse, then I'll see the Dr. about a week and half later for an ultrasound. Hopefully the baby is living and well. I'll keep you posted. Again, thanks for the love.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dentists!!! Unprofessional and Wrong!!

Ok, some of you may know that I am a Dental Assistant. Not currently working as such, but I got my Certificate in Dental Assisting from Boise State University many years ago. I worked here and there for several Dentists, some good, some ok, some AWFUL! Worse job ever was in Provo Utah. The Dentist hired me, the girls never let me get my hands on ANYTHING, the Dentist didn't pay me what we agreed on, then had his front office assistant "lay me off"...It was so UNPROFESSIONAL!! Ok, best job, Dr. Ririe in Boise. He was understanding, patient, funny, and very Professional. Well..on to my point. I wanted to give a shout out to my Beautiful Sister Heather. She and her Husband meet in Pocatello Idaho and were both hungry students, married young, but pushing toward their degrees. Heather was seeking a degree in Dental Hygiene. She got accepted into the program and got pregnant around the same time. She had a baby boy, but decided to continue her education because she had come so far. This past Spring Heather completed and graduated from a Top Dental Hygiene school and excelled in her classes. She moved here to Boise, Idaho hoping to take a dive into the Dental economy here. About a month of searching she was hired by a Dentist in Nampa (I won't mention any names). The agreed on hours, wage, benefits, etc.. It seemed as though the job was going really well, then one day, the "Dentist" calles her into his office. "Heather, I'm going to have to let you go". ???? What???? Apparently he said he didn't know what he was getting into when he hired her and couldn't afford a hygienist. Guess what. He hired someone else. Ok this is sad, but not where the story ends. After months and months of job searching and interviews there were a couple promising jobs. Dentists have told her they would love to hire her but can't at this time but would love to be a reference. There was a dentist in Kuna that was going to hire her on a temp. three days, she agreed and said she'd be in the next day...they never called her back and ended up going with someone else. So a couple days ago she got a phone call from another Dentist offering her a job. Of course feeling like her luck picked up they called back tonight saying they decided to hire someone else...The NIGHT before the job was to start!!! I am so FlOORED! My sister is sweet, she is good at what she does, she's a hard worker and she doesn't ask for much. These Dentists have been Unprofessional! You don't just hire someone and let them go! Ok so I have so much more to say, but won't. If anyone out there knows of a "GOOD, KIND, Professional Dentist, that wants a good Hygienist", please let me know. I just feel so bad for her.


Ok, so its getting closer to the release of the "Twilight" movie. I am very excited! So, just to remind is the Official Movie Trailer! Enjoy.

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Test Results Are IN!

So I havn't really decided to tell ALL that I am pregnant, but I thought I'd post it. So if you find out from the blog about our fun little news, then congrats to you. I've just been having a really tough time not talking about it because it is totally consuming my life. I don't remember the last time I felt this "sick". Not with my first two least not this bad. Maybe I just forgot. I don't know. Anyway. Alex and I decided kind of last minute to try for baby number three. If I were to get pregnant in the month of September, that would mean that we would have a baby at the end of May beginning of June. Perfect! Alex is out for the summer about mid May and our insurance starts over in July! I am already 30, and I want four kids (although this pregnancy is making me "rethink" that number). Anyway, I want to be done by it just felt like it was time. This will put Mycah and baby three around 2 yrs and 4mo's apart. Nice. Ok, so now for the "not so nice". I am currently 8 weeks pregnant today. The sickness has offically kicked into full force. Eating makes me sick. Thinking about eating makes me sick. Not Eating....whoa! Talk about sick. So I feel like I am constantly stuffing my face with whatever sounds easy on my stomache. Although nothing is. I can't come up with anything that feels good on my stomache. Cooking is awefull! My poor family has been living on breakfast and frozen stuff. Saturday my body decided to add another illness, sinus cold/infection. Whatever you want to call it. It started with a little sore throat and developed this morning about 5:30am into a full blown sinus headache about the size of a watermellon, ears plugged tight that would click every time I would swallow, a stuffed nose, sore throat, my eyes felt like they were going to pop out of my sockets, and that all resignated down my neck and back. Ok, so add this to the nausea and prego aches and pains...I am just in an aweful state. I know you all don't want to hear this, but I have been complaining inside for weeks now and I just had to get it out there. I couldn't make it through church yesterday I was ready to pass out, so I had Alex bring me home during the last hour. The fatigue is hard. I can only get myself up and moving just once a day to clean. So my house is way messier than I am used to. Lets just say I CAN'T WAIT for the second trimester to come around and kick this crap out. Hopefully it will. So now that I can blog about this, expect a continual update on my pregnancy. If I'm feeling up to blogging.

Fall Leaves & Christmas Dresses

Monday, October 20, 2008

Girls In Too Toos

Sunday we went over to Alex's brother Gabe's house. Christy has been hard at work making cute little girly too toos for her neices and baby girl to wear. She made several in different sizes. Mycah's little belly wasn't so "little", so Christy put a big one on her. It was so Dang Cute!
Here are the girls in the back yard dancing and twirling in the pretty too toos.

When little Bridgette woke up, her mommy dressed her up in a cute little too too and we attempted a photo op. Not many of my pictures turned out that good, but the girls were so darling.

Bridgette was all eyes on her mommy. So cute.
Here is Aunt Christy with little Bridgette. Thanks for the fun Christy. Oh ya, and don't make a comment on how hideous you THINK you may look. You always look good, even in scrubs.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Furnace Troubles....AGAIN!!!

Saturday morning we woke up as usual, at the normal time, getting ready to start a Saturday full of activity. Well, the house felt a bit cool to me, so I checked the thermostat....working fine, except I could hear the furnace running, but there was no air blowing through the vents. I could smell the "heat" or "burning" in the living room, so asked Alex if he would check it out. We shut it off and decided to check it later. Alex mowed the lawn..(hopefully for the last time this summer), and then opened up the furnace to check it out. Lets just say it ended up being WAY more EXTENSIVE! Alex pulled the whole thing apart and spent the entire day testing parts and repairing melted wiring. Later, my Dad offered to come help. They continued testing parts and decided what the problem might be. It was now LATE and I would have no heat for who knows how long. NOT GOOD. Luckily my Mom was there, because she arranged for us to borrow some space heaters from my grandparents. Now I won't have to worry about my girls (and me) freezing our rears off while we decide what to do, and exactly which part to order.
Ever since we bought this house we have had some kind of Furnace issue every winter. It has been a pain. I really hope it can just be repaired because there is no way we can afford a new one. Basically we didn't get ANYTHING else done yesterday. No groceries, notta.

Football Friday

Ok, so this post doesn't really have much to do with Football except that Alex went to the BSU/ Hawaii Football game with his brothers and cousin, leaving me to find something to do with the girls. So we went down to BSU where Alex works and met him for lunch. After that we met up with Scott, Mitzi, Corbin, Christy and her little baby Bridgette at a park. We actually spent quite a while there just hanging out with the kids. The weather was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I'm surprised that I didn't take more pictures, I wish I had. Anyway this is it for pictures.
Here is Scott and Mitzi's kid Corbin. He is so easy going and fun. I can only hope to get lucky and have a kid like him. I may just have to kidnap him he's so dang fun.
Here is Scott trying to take a picture of Corbin going down the slide and Mitzi helping him.

After the Park, I took the girls to my Mom's house so that I could watch the game on ESPN. It was pretty much a "blowout"....again. So we didn't stay for the whole thing. I took the girls home and put them to bed. So that was my "Football Friday".

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Look back TWO Posts!

Ok, so I was working on this post for a while, and when I went to publish it, it stayed on yesterday morning. Check out our swimming fun two posts back.

Monday, October 13, 2008

My Girls' Obsessions

As of Yesterday......I am getting rid of the NUK!!! Ahhhh, I can't believe it, but it really needs to happen. She is totally obsessed, and stresses out about it constantly. It has been "my" security just as much as her own. She sleeps so well with it, and she quiets down during a fit, I just haven't wanted to do it. But, she will be completely happy and content then all of a sudden starts asking for it. She says " nuh, nuh, peass, peass ", then I just can't resist. It was so hard yesterday when I put her down for her nap. She screamed the whole time (about and HOUR) then another Hour when she woke up. She also cried about 45min last night at bed time and a little this morning before I gave her some chocolate milk. Anyway, lets see how long it takes her to get over it. Dejah cried when I told her I was taking it away. Poor thing. Now I just have to keep her from seeing this picture I am posting....she will FREAK if she sees it.

If you know Dejah at all, you know that she is obsessed with being a princess. Well, her new favorite is a cartoon called Anastasia. It is the ULTIMATE in princess movies! She dances around the house singing this song. It is so cute. I would probably try to video her doing it, but she is way too camera shy.

Saturday Is A Special Day

I have officially decided that Alex likes going swimming. Ok, so I've known this for a long time. Anyway, he usually suggests some kind of swimming fun at least every month. Again, he wanted to take the girls swimming on Saturday. So we went to my moms house that morning so Alex could change the oil on her car and our car. While we were there, my sisters thought it would be fun to join us. So off we went!

The YMCA! We love it there. There is this kiddy pool with fountains and slides. Its pretty fun. The downside to the kiddy pool is that it isn't the warmest pool. I mean, its warm, but not for hours of fun. Ok there is also a big slide that both the girls love to go on with Alex. I won't take them beacause I don't trust that I'll be able to hold them up at the end.

Here is the WARM pool. This provides hours of fun. And theres a big shallow step the kids can play on.

Here is Mycah with her Aunt Melissa!

It was a great time! We loved it, especially the kids. I hope we can do it again soon.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Fall Tag

8 Favorite Fall TV Shows

(This one doesn't really work for me since there is NOTHING I really enjoy on regular T.V.)

1. The Hills (I watch it online)
2. 90210 (I started watching the new spinoff ...oh ya...and theres nothing else to watch.)
3. Hell's Kitchen (I would normally watch Top Chef, so this is my "restaurant fix").
4. Everybody Loves Raymond (reruns late)
5. Judge Judy
6. Notta
7. Notta
8. Notta

(I would probably watch the top fav's like Grey's, Desperate Housewives, The Office...but since I've never seen any of them...I am a bit behind.)

8 Favorite Restaurants

1. Rodizio (we don't have one here, but its my FAV)
2. Olive Garden (I'm on this Fettuchini Alfredo kick.)
3. Texas Roadhouse (love the RIBS and Rolls)
4. El Gallio Giro (Mexican in Kuna...the Best...and great prices!)
5. Red Robin (Terriki Chicken Burger)
6. Papa Johns Pizza
7. Lets face it folks...I love fast food. The cheap burgers, fries and tall Fizzy Dr. Pepper...YUM!
8. Zuka! (Does that count?)

8 Things I did Yesterday
1. Went to friend Kori's house and played Ticket to Ride
2. Cleaned house (as usual)
3. Made some YUMMY club cracker chicken for dinner
4. Fixed the Blog...I hope
5. Tried to watch "Leather Heads" with Alex...I didn't really get into it
6. Missed out on a nap
7. Played with my Girls!
8. Made Alex a tall cookie Milk Shake

8 Things I Look Forward To
1. Christmas!
2. Thanksgiving in Arco! I love Shelley's fabulous meal.
3. A date with Alex
4. Hot Chocolate and wearing my robe around the house all day!
5. No More Yard Work!
6. Tis the season for games
7. Hot apple pie and ice cream
8. The movie Twilight

8 Things I Love about Fall
1. The beautiful Fall colors!
2. Comfort foods
3. Soup!
4. Wearing Sweats
5. Wearing cute hats
6. Sleeping with more blankets
7. Family Gatherings
8. The cooler weather
8 Things on My Wishlist
1. A King Size bed
2. Some cute boots (I don't even own ONE pair!)
3. An Armiore to put my computer in so that I can get it out of my room!
4. Fuzzy slippers
5. New Maternity should she my shabby collection.
6. A Cruise...the BIG ONE!
7. A bigger house! This will probably never happen since we will never be able to sell the one that we owe way too much for.
8. A Pedicure, Manicure, and a face is so dry it needs some help.
8 Friends I Tag
1. Heather
2. Melissa
3. Carrie
4. Cari B.
5. Myca
6. Brenda
7. Carolyn
8. Kiley

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Blog Facelift

Oh this has been dreadful!! It has taken me and entire 1/2 day to get my Blog where it is at right now and there are still kinks I can't seem to fix. First off....what the heck is this "undefined, undefined" crap? Any ideas. I am so blogged out, it will just have to stay for now.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Just like Mommy

So I get alot of people telling me that my girls look just like me. I must say, I have to agree. Although Dejah has more of her Daddy's features than Mycah. Lets start with the HAIR.
My hair is naturally curly and naturally straight. If I don't do something with my is a big mess of both. I don't have any pictures of me as a kid...I wish I did, then you could see the comparison of me and my girls. For now I will post this one. See the curl? Well, I obviously don't do my hair this way any more. But you have the idea.
Yesterday, I decided to give Dejah's hair a try for the curls. Like me, her hair is naturally curly and naturally straight. When I don't do it.....(which is very OFTEN) becomes a big mess of both. Here she is, sporting her "new do". She really liked it, but I think I won't be doing it that often...too much maintenance.
Next feature...Eyes! Dejah definitely got her Daddy's sparkling blues! I prayed for this before she was born, and the Lord answered YES. She also got her Daddy's pale skin. She is as white as they come. With some pink in the skin as well.
Now onto Mycah. She is "ALL ME"....mood included (ok, maybe not so much). The Brown hair, brown eyes, (more olive tone skin), Big Teeth (although she could have gotten that one from Daddy. Anyway, my girls are doomed for braces and unibrows. So here you have it.
Here is a picture of Alex as a kid. Wasn't he so cute? I wish my girls had his blond hair. I always wanted to be a blond. Anyway.... tell me which traits you think my girls got from who.
Oh ya, really funny story about this picture. Dejah saw it and said..."Mommy! Who is that boy?! I'm going to MARRY HIM!" "He's just my size!". I started to laugh and told her that little boy is her Daddy when he was a boy. She told me that he can come home and be a little boy again so she can marry him. I think she's made up her mind because she hasn't let it go yet. I must say, if I were little like her I'd want to marry him too. He's pretty darn hansom. Do all little girls want to marry their Daddies? Well maybe not so much, but they are our favorite men.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Back To The Farm

Many years ago, my Great Grandpa on my Dad's side purchased a 200+ acre piece of land in Eagle Idaho to build a farm on. I don't know the details, but I do know it was back breaking work, and very difficult economic times. He had many sons, one which was My grandpa. They grew up there. They tilled the land, removed many many rocks, dug drain ditches, dug an artisan well, built sheds, corrals for cows. Years of very hard work were put in on this farm. My Grandpa's brother died there when trying to save one of the burning hay sheds his tractor took an edge near one of the very deep drain canals and rolled into it. Eventually my Great Grandpa died there, leaving a hefty mortgage to my Grandpa. Many of us were born there, my dad spent much of his life on that farm. I remember him telling stories of very hard work, and trying to fit school in. He was the oldest boy, and had many expectations. After marrying my mom, my parents moved to the farm to help my Grandpa farm the land and care for the dairy cows, milking and raising. I was born there, and also lived most of my life on that farm. I have many many memories that would take days to write about. We lived in a double wide trailer home out in the back of the farm. We had the biggest playground a kid could ever want. There was a drainage canal right in front of our house which we spent many summers floating and swimming in. I was just down the road from my grandparents and cousins, so family gatherings were very common. As I was getting older my Grandpa felt the crunch to get the Mortgage paid off. He sold many pieces of equipment and his coveted boat. The deadline came and the Mortgage was not meet. The Bank took it over and sold it to some farmers. They were generous to let us all stay and charged a small rent. When the housing market in Eagle was booming...they sold. Currently the farm is under construction for a big neighborhood and Golf Resort. Now to the point of this story. Today we decided to take a break during Conference. We drove out to the farm as close as we could get to where we lived. We walked a short distance through the mud and MANY weeds.
Luckily we still found our driveway. But it was very overgrown with weeds.

We found the cement pad that my dad paid $300 back in the day to lay down for a car port.

Here we are gathered on that cement pad.

We took a little walk over the weed infested back yard to the old pump house across the irrigation canal.
This place holds alot of cherished memories for me.

It was a nice day. And a wonderful walk down memory lane.

As I think about the farm, and all the memories we had there I am reminded that life is so short. We only have a few years to build memories and experiences. It was kind of sad to see it all this way, but I think too often we place so much value on "physical" things and forget that they are truly just "things". The value comes in the experience. I don't remember that being "poor" was bad. I had a very full childhood, and I will carry these memories with me for eternity and all the "things" will stay behind.