Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Swimming Cut Short

Monday was the hottest day of the year so far...reaching into the hundred degree mark. Alex's brother Gabe had the brilliant idea of taking all the kids to the Boise Natatorium/Hydrotube for some swimming fun. It was a perfectly HOT day...of course lame ol' prego me doesn't want to be caught dead in a swimming I'm the official "camera girl".

The kids were having so much fun. Alex took Logan and Mycah down the really big slide and they loved it! Dejah was too scared to try....maybe next time....

wouldn't you know it....
a storm came in!

.....and we all got kicked out of the pool! Thanks to Alex and Gabe...we got a rein check!....
More swimming fun to come!

My Dejah

"...Look Mom! I look just like you!!"

She came walking in with the silliest grin. It was so funny watching her giggle about it.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Fun In The Sun...Redneck Style!

You know yirrr a "Redneck" when.... use a Sewage Pipe for a water slide and a tarp for a slip-n-slide!
(ps. the sewage pipe was brand new..not yet placed for "proper" use)

My Dad and Mom live on some property out in Eagle. Its an old property and they have been having some troubles with the septic, so my Dad in his attempt to fix something...broke a sewer line. We (as in ALEX) went over Saturday to help in the repair process. During that time my Dad thought the kids would have some fun using the new sewer pipe for a water slide. The kids LOVED it! Great thinking Dad!

Friday, June 25, 2010

My Life: Spring of 2000

A little over 10 years ago I made a life changing decision to serve a mission.

I really can't believe it was that long ago. Time was at a stand still. I didn't have anything really impressive going on. I was working, my friends were coming and going. They were getting married, moving, or whatever. I wasn't dating anyone. Actually I was kind of sick of dating. I contemplated a mission. I hadn't saved up for one, so that was a problem. My worries were that I would miss out on "Mr. Right". Or...Gain Weight (as most Sisters do). Either way, I made the decision and I was thrilled. I am very blessed to have parents that offered to pay my way, and the other stuff was just fluff. I quickly met with the Bishop, got my paper work filled out and met with the Stake President. My Stake President hand delivered it that week to the Mission People in Utah. Within about 2 weeks or less I got my mission call in the mail! Eugene Oregon! Huh? That's what I originally thought. Still I was excited, and I left 6 weeks later.

This is a picture of me in the MTC (Mission Training Center).

My mission FLEW by! It was one of the Best experiences of my life. I met so many people with so many backgrounds. It was there I learned to love all people no matter their decisions or backgrounds. It was never about how "many" we baptized, but about how many "lives we touched". I had wonderful companions, and some who struggled. In fact I had a total of 10 mission companions in 18 months and served in 6 areas. My mission taught me lessons about the Gospel that I carry with me today. The "fluff"....I did gain weight (almost 20 lbs), and I still meet Mr. Right!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Heavy, Heavy, and Oh So Ready

I have exactly 8 Weeks and 2 Days until my Due Date! To me that translates to 6 Weeks!
My First three all came 1 1/2 to 2 weeks early, and all weighed 7 lbs 10 oz. Lets hope this baby girl will follow suite.
The other day I was having some serious baby blues. Alex had a LOT of tears to wipe that morning! So he took the kids to the mountains and I went shopping with my Mom. It was MUCH needed. I waddled like a duck through Target, The Mall, and Costco! We had Olive Garden for lunch and then went to the other Target. My super generous and loving Mom bought me this!!!

It is a "smaller" pack n' play than the others. I've decided this is going to be my solution to the bedroom shortage in my house. What I love so much about this is that I can push it through doors without having to take it apart! Yay! So "baby" will be sleeping wherever it is most convenient. Living room, laundry room, my room, wherever! It is so cute. And can I just say, it is SO nice to get something new when you've had this many kids. I bought used with Dejah, so all my stuff is WORN and OUTDATED. Plus, my friend Hillary gave me her baby car seat! Not NEW but definitely New to me and way way nicer than the one I had!
So when I say "Heavy, Heavy"....I mean...I feel Heavy! If I have to pick up Logan, I feel my veins and insides ready to POP OUT! Not so fun. I can only sleep on my sides, but for some reason my hips have been killing me, so I'm constantly turning over. Acid reflux, and Charley- Horses are also a common night time occurrence. When I look in the mirror, I have to lean back to see the underneath portion of my belly. Yes I have stretch marks. Not a ton, but its pretty much unavoidable at this point. Stretching that skin year after year takes its toll. Any outings that include me and the family, include me sitting somewhere close by. I pretty much gave up on the walks. I just can't do it. Thank Heavens to my Lucky Stars and a Savior who loves me I have a WONDERFUL husband that has done EVERYTHING! He is home for the summer and He has SAVED me! Logan is his little buddy. And my girls would be absolutely bored without him. Also my patience with them is thin, so he can save them from the wrath :)
Well, that is about it for now. I'm sure as I get closer I'll have more to say.

Monday, June 21, 2010

We Were In A Parade!

This last weekend was Meridian Dairy Days. Its a big weekend of fun with carnival, attractions, performances, and PARADE.

Some of our friends own The Farmstead Corn Maze and asked if we'd like to be in the parade. Of course, who could pass up the opportunity to ride a cow train while hundreds watched? It was tons of fun. The girls rode the cow train. Alex walked next to them while pushing Logan in a stroller, and I got to ride the Farmstead SUV and hang my big belly out the sun roof while waving and holding a sign. I tried to be brave and just smile, but honestly I was terrified. ( should've been you up there)

Anyway. Toward the end of the ride I was able to get out and snap some quick pictures!

Swimming Lessons

I must say...its about time. Dejah is going on 6 and has never had swimming lessons. My Sister and I decided this was the year. So, I finally enrolled my girls in some swimming lessons at the Meridain Pool. They have completed week 1 and have one more to go. Its been so fun for them. Dejah is doing really well in her group lessons. Lucky for Mycah her "group" ended up just being her. So she's getting "private" lessons for the cost of group.

The pool is warm. So this weather hasn't been much of a problem.

Dejah is getting braver. She'll put her face in the water. We even got her to go down the water slide twice. Of course she cried when the water shot up her nose, but she got a lot of praise from us for her efforts!

Practicing arm strokes.

Kick, Kick, Kick!

Alex chillin' in the shade while trying to keep Logan away from the water. On Friday they let me take Logan to the kiddy pool. I waded and he sat in a float enjoying every minute!

I love swimming pools! I wish I wasn't big....fat...and prego so I could enjoy some pool time. There is no way a soul will see me in a swim suit this summer :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Seriously...THE BEST DAD!

When I met Alex, I knew he was great! But I'll be honest with you, I didn't really know HOW GREAT he really was. He is a blessing to me straight from above. We have the funnest little bunch of monkeys that Love their Daddy to bits! He is so good with them. Somewhere between being fun, he also doesn't put up with the whining. He teaches them, and he spoils them. Ice-Cream cones, outings in the mountains, breakfast and fun, even just "getting out of Mom's hair". He is the BEST!
Here are the things he always does for me:
TONS of dishes and laundry. He cleans up my bathroom messes. Makes the bed every day. Feeds the kids. Changes lots of diapers. Folds clothes. Sweeps the constant mess on the kitchen floor and in the high chair. Vacuums. Scrubs toilets. De clutters- Everything! Keeps the lawn cared for. Repairs anything that breaks. Fixes our cars. Builds me a fence. Keeps finances. Works hard to provide so that I can stay home. He rubs my back. He rubs my feet. When we can, he takes me on surprise "outings" overnight. He does so much more, and deserves all that a wife can give. Thank you Alex for the wonderful years. You really are THE BEST DAD, and THE BEST HUSBAND.
Have a Happy Fathers Day!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Why Do Friends Have To Move?

Almost 4 years ago, we moved to Kuna from Laramie Wyoming. We bought a small starter home. Dejah had just turned 2, and I was pregnant with #2. Well, just two doors down was the Moore family. They also just moved in. Heidi had a little baby girl who I had the pleasure of babysitting for a little bit. Our two girls grew quickly and are great little friends. Soon Mycah came, then sometime after, her second little girl came. Now they are great little friends. We've had a great time with the Moores. Birthday parties, Football games, BBQ's, bon fires, movies, snow boarding, dinner and name it! We are so sad to see them go and wish them the best of luck!

Dejah and Taylen

Mailey and Mycah

And I do have to make a big shout out to blogging and facebook so that we don't lose touch completely!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Arco Craziness!

So!... for the past few years, we... (as in Alex's family)... have kind of started this new tradition of having EVERYONE go home to Arco to celebrate Alex's Dad's Birthday. Its always crazy fun! Lets just give you a visual...

Mom & Dad Beal PLUS 9 Children of their own. 1 of them on a mission, 2 still at home, 6 married with children.

Total Head Count: 37!!!

17 of them children and BABIES!

All stuffed into a 4 Bedroom house! Yikes!

Anyway, Alex and I went a day earlier than everyone else. Why not? Alex is off, and we can get some Grandma & Grandpa time before the rest of the crew arrives. Friday evening everyone meet at the Craters of the Moon, which is about 20 min. away, and had a picnic and hike. This all started around 6pm. Of course I didn't really participate in the hike. I've done it before when I was prego with Dejah and I was dieing afterward. So I knew better and headed back to the house with baby Logan. We were REALLY bad at getting any pictures, but here are a couple I found via Internet of the Lava Tube that Alex took our girls through.

The picnic was a little chilly, so I ate my dinner in the car while Logan did his FAVORITE thing....stand in the drivers seat and pretend to drive!

That night was absolutely nuts! All the kids stayed up later than usual, and of course so did everyone else. This is the FUNNEST part of the whole trip. The Adults sat around and gabbed and laughed till 2 in the morning. It really is the highlight of the trip...oh and lets not forget the millions of calories available for the eating! Everyone finally found a floor, bed or camper and zonked. Next day...I don't think I saw Dejah more than twice she was so busy playing and having fun with her cousins. We left later that evening, and others stayed. Happy Birthday Seth! And Shelley, thanks a MILLION times over for having us! It was Crazy Fun!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fun At The Zoo

One thing about Alex being home for the summer....there is never a boring day. He really wanted to take the kids to the zoo. I wasn't too excited about it,(due to waddle status) but I went anyway and it turned out really fun. Here are some pictures of our time there.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Ok. I've officially lost all creativity for this blog. So for now, I will just write the little "goings on" around here.

One exciting thing....Logan is almost walking. Every day, little by little, he takes a few more steps. Sometimes he'll venture a try on his own. On top of that he likes getting into things like: Toilet water and my cupboard with cleaning supplies. He also likes to pull the night lights out of the outlets and tries to put them back in. (time to remedy those) Most of all he is absolutely obsessed with being in the drivers seat of the car. There must be something so exciting about driving, because when I get him out of his car seat he'll throw himself around and have a little fit until I put him down, then he goes straight for that steering wheel.

Alex has been gone since yesterday morning. He and my brother-in-law went on an overnight backpack trip. It is strange not having him here, but there was a perk....I got complete control of the remote and a big king size bed with pillows stuffed all around me (for maximum pregger comfort) all to myself! Nice. Maybe he should go on outings more often. I got some dang good sleep! Better yet, maybe his next outing he can take the kids :) Now that would be heaven.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Last Day of Kindergarten

Yesterday was Dejah's last day of school. She has come so far I can hardly believe it. She went from not being able to identify ANY letters, sounds, or numbers to being able to Identify almost all and even sound out words. I owe a HUGE thank you to her Wonderful teachers.

This is her Teacher Mrs. Spencer.

Mycah wanted in on the picture too.
This is Dejah's "Title One" teacher, Mrs. Jay. Because Dejah was "behind", they enrolled her in extra classes. She bused to another school every Tues and Thurs. It was amazing to see her transformation. Dejah LOVED Mrs. Jay.

Her class was made up mostly of boys. As you can see in this little picture, that is who her friends were. I think she was kind of friends with one of the girls, but I mostly only heard about the boys.

Receiving her Kindergarten Certificate.

Dejah and her friend Kody.

At the end, everyone got Ice Cream Sundays! Yum!

I'm glad to have Dejah home for the summer! It means I won't have to set an alarm :) (Which only worked 1/2 the time anyway).

I've decided to hold her back a year. So she will be repeating Kindergarten. I think she will benefit, and I'll get to keep her around an extra year of her life.

So here's to next year!