Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Ok. I've officially lost all creativity for this blog. So for now, I will just write the little "goings on" around here.

One exciting thing....Logan is almost walking. Every day, little by little, he takes a few more steps. Sometimes he'll venture a try on his own. On top of that he likes getting into things like: Toilet water and my cupboard with cleaning supplies. He also likes to pull the night lights out of the outlets and tries to put them back in. (time to remedy those) Most of all he is absolutely obsessed with being in the drivers seat of the car. There must be something so exciting about driving, because when I get him out of his car seat he'll throw himself around and have a little fit until I put him down, then he goes straight for that steering wheel.

Alex has been gone since yesterday morning. He and my brother-in-law went on an overnight backpack trip. It is strange not having him here, but there was a perk....I got complete control of the remote and a big king size bed with pillows stuffed all around me (for maximum pregger comfort) all to myself! Nice. Maybe he should go on outings more often. I got some dang good sleep! Better yet, maybe his next outing he can take the kids :) Now that would be heaven.


  1. When I was pregnant and couldn't sleep I always went to the couch to find comfort...maybe I should of kicked Paul to the couch instead!

  2. I only post on my blog when I have pictures or video of something my kids did. It just happens to be more frequent, lately. Hoorah on not sharing the bed! That would be Derek's dream come true. I know the nights I'm in the hospital will be some of his most refreshing nights he's had in a while!