Friday, January 29, 2010

A little Anna Rant

Sometimes I feel like I am just going to explode! Do you ever feel as a mom that your days just blur into one big mass of Blah?? I mean, truly, everyday is just about the same, including this "non functional" body of mine. I can't seem to motivate myself to do even the littlest of know like.....shower? I'm not so tired that I feel like I need to sleep all day long, but I am definitely drained of any desire to perform any daily tasks. My house may not look too messy to the eye, but deep down....ewww. My kids pretty much live on cereal and PBJ's. Is this really what being pregnant is? I should know, its my fourth, but I swear we forget. Its so funny, because when I'm in this state it really feels like I will be like this forever, like there is no end in site. I remember when it didn't bother me to clean house, shower, go for walks. I even sought out opportunities to have "play groups". Go out to lunch, or shop. I loved riding my bike or going to the park with the kids. NOW? Is it because its winter? Am I a walking "host" to this baby that pretty much decides what my body will and will not do? Maybe its both. All I can say is Hallelujah....this is my Last and Final pregnancy. I feel good about it. I am excited and after this baby comes, hopefully and I.U.D. will keep me "safe" until I feel comfortable doing something more "permanent". If any of you know how to combat this "undesirable not so motivated dragging feeling", I am all ears. Chow!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Alex!

Today, my Hunk is 36!

Winning....Dad of the year and Husband of the year award! Truly Alex is my Soul Mate. I don't know anyone that could have been better suited for me. Since our first date (shown above) to now, we have grown so much. I could probably attribute that to our vibrant and very active children. Alex truly has been a great Co-parent. Not only that, a GREAT husband. He is a very clean person, so he is always cleaning the kitchen and doing laundry. He'll clean up my bathroom stuff if I leave it out. He is good at getting the kids to pick up their own messes. Alex is also very considerate of me. If I need some time to get out he has no problem taking the kids for me. On different occasions he'll show up with a milk shake for me, or something sweet just to lift my day. During the last few years he's been really busy trying to get his Master's Degree. He is so busy. But he always makes time for us. I'm grateful for a loving husband. He deserves so much. Happy 36th Birthday! Here's to more years of fun!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Meet Baby Four

I am about 11 weeks along. Today I had my first visit with the Dr. The visit was all good news. There is One baby with a good heart beat. I also got to see the little one wiggle its arms around. Its head is about the same size as the body right now. Anyways, I'm so glad all is good so far, and I hope that this baby continues to grow healthy and strong.

As far as how I'm feeling. Things are good. The Vitamin B6 and 1/2 Unisom seems to be doing its job. I'm tired, my patience suffers a bit with the kids, but I'm trying. I've given up on the idea that we will be able to move out of this house, so squeeze we will. I'm still trying to figure out where everyone will go, but I guess I have the whole summer to figure it out. So coming up in NINE weeks, we will get to find out what we are having. So everyone...send me boy vibes :)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Derek and Amanda: Glowing from Within

Meet my brother Derek and his beautiful wife Amanda. A little over a year ago they meet, feel Madly in love, and were married. Since then, they have been taking the "marriage ride". Ups, downs, and finding their way in life together. Through all of it they are still Madly in love. Coming this spring they will be welcoming their first baby into the world. They've decided to name him Hudson. We are all so excited for them. In February they will be going to the Temple to be sealed together for Time and Eternity. What a blessing it is to have that opportunity. They absolutely glow! Congratulations Derek and Amanda. We love you and can't wait to meet your little guy.

A Terrible Two Argument

Do you ever have "arguments" with your child that go something like this:

Mom: "Come here Mycah. Lets change your wet diaper."....sitting there with new dry diaper in hand.

Mycah: "NO! I NOT wet."

Mom: "Yes, you are, come here, lets change it."

Mycah: (nasty look in her eyes) "No"

Mom: "Ok, fine, wear a wet diaper, I don't care" (proceed to get up from the floor)

Mycah: (in hysterics) "Noooo.....Change Me! Change Me!"

Mom: "Ok Mycah, this is your last chance" (back on the floor with dry diaper) "come here"

Mycah: "NO!"

Nothing more said from me, I get up from the floor and proceed to do other things. As I'm doing this, she is throwing a MAJOR tantrum at my legs. Of course this is unacceptable behavior and she gets to have her tantrum in her room. After screaming there for a few minutes she comes out and says "change my diaper?". Of course she lets me.

Question: WHY did this process have to be so draining and time consuming???? It would have been sooooooo much easier if she would have just let me change it the first time. This seems to be a typical thing with Mycah. This is the SAME argument we have when trying to potty train! So NOT Successful! It is so annoying. She is turning Three in a month, which experience reminds me that those terrible two's last from 18months old to just about 4!!!!! Yay! My goal, get her potty trained when she turns 3. The diapers are coming off, and she can walk around the house NUDE! She knows where to put it, she just needs to buck up and put it there.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

C.I.O. Starts Today!

C.I.O. otherwise known as "Cry It Out". A method I am not too good at. I usually avoid it to save myself the stress. So what is driving me to this today???? Well for starters, Logan is 8 months old next week! Can you believe it? He has a Nuk hooked to him at all times. This purpose, to make the baby quiet. To make him sleep. To make him wait. All of it...not working so well. I wish I could say that he is a great little sleeper. But I'm afraid that NUK is becoming a bigger problem. Dejah had hers till she was 2. Mycah, till she was 1 1/2. Today it is over for Logan. Last night he woke up crying 5 times!!!!!! FIVE....FREEKIN' TIMES!!! The night before, I can't even count. It has been consistently once or twice a night. Now me, being Prego/Sick/Tired, doesn't handle this well. Especially knowing that in about 4 1/2 months I will be tossing and turning and waking up to pee throughout the night. In about 7 months, I will have a new baby waking me to eat. So with all this on my mind, I am realizing that my "baby" needs to grow up quick. I'm hoping that he will learn quickly how to sooth himself to sleep and give me good nights and good naps. Wish me luck in my new challenge this week.

Biscuits and Gravy

Do you ever get this crazy desire to make something that you've never made before? When I was a kid, I LOVED biscuits and gravy! I don't remember the last time I've had them. So the other day I realized I had all the ingredients necessary to make some deeeelish biscuits and gravy and went to work on getting a good recipe. I used Bisquick for the biscuits, then whipped together the gravy and even made bacon on the side to add to it. As I was making the gravy I noticed that these ingredients are not the "ideal" when it comes to health. In fact the gravy consists of Greasy Sausage, Milk, Cream or 1/2 and 1/2, LOADS of butter and flour! My biscuits...not so appealing and a little burnt. It clogged my arteries just looking at it! I took one bite and all that desire went down the drain! I can honestly say I will never eat biscuits and gravy again.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Just The Way It Is

Ughhhh! I am so behind on blogging. Again I have no pictures to share. I guess the main reasons why I have stayed away so long. #1 Sick. I last posted about the Vitamin B6 and Unisom combination "fixing" the problem. Well, its weird, sometimes I feel fine other times, not so much. The Unisom is a sleeping pill. The first couple nights I only took a 1/2 seemed to be ok. I took a full dose Friday night...not good! I was OUT OF IT almost all of Saturday. I didn't take any that night, and Sunday I felt nauseous. I took a 1/2 dose again, but it knocked me out all day yesterday. There really is a no win situation. I just need this trimester to be OVER!

Ok my #2 reason for not blogging. I am completely full of negative energy. I am not much fun to be around right now, and my entries would reflect all of it. I would have to change my blog titles to the "Anna Rants". Sick, Tired, missing most of Church every Sunday, not doing my hair EVER except to go to Sacrament on Sundays. My growing body that never got a chance to re-coop from my last baby. I won't get a summer to ride bikes or ski, or do anything physical for that matter. Fussy demanding children, my lost ability to make a meal for my family. I practically live in a bath robe and dread going anywhere. Really this list could go on. Yesterday I was thinking I should write down all the things that put a smile on my face despite all those negative things. So here it is:

When Logan wakes up from a nap or in the morning, and I come in, he sees me standing there and gets excited and smiles and squeals and starts shaking his legs and arms like crazy. When I sit to feed him a bottle he gets squirmy about half way through and wants to slap my free hand like he's giving me high fives. He is starting to crawl....somewhat. He gets into a bear crawl position and gets his legs going, but he just can't figure out yet how to get his arms moving. He LOVES the remote and cell phone. He gets really mad if you take it away from him, and he prefers them to toys.

Mycah is my cuddler. I can always count on her wanting me to hold her. I love that she loves books. She would let you read to her all day if you would. She has the biggest cheesy grin....but the poor girl has so many big teeth I'm afraid she is doomed for braces. She is tiny. Going on Three and weighs 20 lbs. It makes it fun tossing her around. Despite her tiny size, she will eat almost anything and will try everything. She is not picky. I love that! She loves doing dishes or helping out with whatever I am doing. The girl can hold her own. If it comes to a fight....she'll more than likely win.

Dejah is so grown up. She is my HUGE little helper! So many times Logan is just upset and she makes it all better. She carries him around the house like a little friend who needs help. She is his constant entertainment! Dejah can be found every day with pencil and paper. She loves to draw and write. She is eager to learn and loves school. Being the oldest, she tends to get the brunt of clean up, but she's a trooper.

I love my kids. I guess that's what keeps me smiling. I wish I could give them more. I wish I had the energy to keep up with them. I guess this is a unique time in my life where thing just need to be let go. This pregnancy has really thrown me. I'm still working on being excited about it, but I guess that may just have to come in time. So for now, I am trying to channel my negative energy into a little more positive.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Remedy the Morning Sickness

A combination of Vitamin B6 and Unisom (sleeping pill) = a much happier me :)

Why is it, that I don't find about tricks & remedies until I am on my last baby?? Thankyou to my good Friend Andrea for filling me in on this one. My nurse actually said that she could give me a prescription for the nausea, but I opted for this first. So for now the constant nausea has subsided somewhat. The sleeping pill knocks me out completely at night, and I feel pretty drowsy during the day, but I think I can handle being tired better than tired AND sick.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Too Sick

I am way too sick to blog. I actually have all these things I want to blog about, but my sick and prego body won't allow me to sit at the computer long enough to get creative. I have found the only thing that really helps is to lay in bed. So for now I will just be checking everyone else's blogs, making a few comments and that's about it.

Monday, January 11, 2010

8 Weeks Pregnant

I am about 8 weeks into this pregnancy. Morning sickness has come gradually. I pretty much feel nauseous all day. No runs to the toilet yet, but I'm sure I'll get there before this 1st trimester is over. Tired is the name of the game. I couldn't make it through the first meeting at church. I had to come home and crawl in bed. I set the alarm so I could wake up to go get my family. I don't crave anything. In fact the only thing I thoroughly enjoy is Grapefruit. But I've always loved them. For the most part, food makes me cringe, but if I don't eat the nausea is worse. I remember when Kami S announced on her blog when her baby was the size of a Lima Bean. That is right where my #4 is at. This week its sporting new fingers and toes. Today I had my first appointment with the Dr.'s nurse. She took my blood pressure, weight and info, then sent me in for labs. The 26th will be my first Dr. apt. and ultrasound. You think he could see the sex of the baby at 11 weeks??

So Much Catching up to do....Read on....

Where do I begin??? This week was Alex's last week off of work. He has been the HUGEST help to me and I can't begin to thank him enough. He really has been Mr. Mom and deserves a Gold Metal. I am dreading his return to work and schooling.

Jury Duty

Also this last week, I was assigned to Jury Duty. This was a postponement from November. Lucky for me Alex was off. Do you realize that there are NO EXCUSES when it comes to Jury Duty???? My "I'm nursing" excuse back in October only gave me a couple months postponement! It doesn't matter if you are a stay at home Mom and have NO ONE to take on your daily schedule for you. It doesn't matter if you are sick. It doesn't matter if you are related to someone in law enforcement. They don't care if you are pregnant, disabled, or don't have any transportation....YOU MUST REPORT! Crazy huh? And, they have NO sympathy over there. Ok with all that being said, my number was called on Wednesday, only it was put on stand-by, so I didn't know until 9:45 that morning if I was going to be driving into town for Jury Duty, or if Alex and I would get to spend the day at Bogus Basin (via, gift from Alex's Brother and Sister-in-Law). Call made....SKIING!!! Yay.

Snow Skiing

We haven't been skiing/boarding together for two years now, thanks to pregnancy. Even with that we get to go about once a year. Something I really hope to change in the future. A long time ago it used to be "my thing". I loved it! I had season passes and went tons! Having a family truly means sacrifice. For a time at least. I love my kids and I can't wait until they are old enough to come have fun with Alex and I doing the things we always used to do. We had a blast and practically died we are so out of shape. Not to mention skiing prego is interesting. It was beautiful and sunny up above the inversion that blankets Boise. Thankyou Hart and Jory for watching our kiddos.

Twin Falls

Friday morning...last minute, my Sister here in Boise and I decided to surprise our Sister in Twin Falls for a girls day. She is so close to having a baby so I thought she may like to "get out". It was a two hour drive. She was Shocked to see us. We saw her new house, gave her a pedicure, visited alot, then took her out to dinner...her choice. She picked a local restaurant in Twin called Tomato's. Some kind of Italian/Pizza/whatever place. I was going to give a restaurant review (I still may) IT WAS AWFUL!!! Don't go there!!! But it was great to see Heather. :) Now she can have a baby with pretty toes.

Hair Cut

Sunday, our church time has changed to 9am. We love it. Now we can rest during our afternoons. Well, during some "rest", we got up to check on the girls who decided to head outside to play. As we were looking around Alex noticed some scissors in the girls bathroom and some big chunks of hair on the floor!! I was terrified to think it might be Mycah's. The poor girl has no hair as it is. But the length of the hair told me it was Dejah. What would drive her to do such a thing? Anyway, I loaded up my kids and drove out to my Mom's for a visit. While I was there, I gave Dejah a hair cut to "even it out".

Well that is some of my week in a nut shell. I have a few things to add. So I'll do that later.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mystery Of The Coax Cable

Most people move into their homes. Place their furniture in the desired location. Place their TV where the coax line is coming from, just to plug it in and have no clue where it is going. Ok, maybe not most people, but us for sure. We moved in three and a half years ago. There was a coax line coming straight up through the carpet (crawl space) in the Master. Also one in the wall. The living room had NONE...oh except there was a face plate cover. We had dish installed and had the guy just put it where we wanted it. Well, now we've moved the furniture a more desired location, only now the TV is not where the coax line is. We have put this mystery off too long. Yesterday we removed the living room "face plate" to find an open ended coax cable sticking out. Where does it go? That was the question. So yesterday we explored the crawl space, and two separate attic openings. One was sealed shut. My amazing hubby sifted through all that insulation and found the mystery coax. We're hoping it will work if we hook it up to the dish and receiver. Wish us luck on that one. The point of this. It was quite the job. Whooh.