Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Fun!

One of my friends posted this on Facebook, it was so funny I just had to copy :)

Friday, October 22, 2010

What Makes a Red Mom Red?

I went to Costco today. I don't usually go there. But I'm getting tired of buying diapers and wipes almost every week...so BULK it is! $150 later I have a total of 400 diapers, 900 wipes, and a full tank of gas!
As I was at the check out Logan started to "object" to something. Who knows what about, but of course Logan is VERY passionate and just screamed at the top of his lungs. Mycah started fussing because Dejah did something. Dejah said Mycah was trying to bite her. And Lexi was fussing in her seat. ALL EYES WERE ON ME! Oh I don't think I could have been more red when the check out lady says "oh boy". My thoughts exactly. I thought, when did this happen?? When did I become a Mom of four very young children? It snuck up on me really fast. I don't think anyone can really prepare for such a challenge.
Anyway, I rushed out of there as fast as I could and off to Carl's Jr. it was. Friends or not these kids needed to burn some of that energy. My Sister met me there. It really only took about 45 minutes and we were good to go.
I know I complain. And yes, they are a challenge. We spend most of our days here at home. Our adventures usually center the kitchen and living room. But even with all the poo, the tears, the whining, and constant need for food and entertainment, I LOVE THEM to bits!! I love Dejah's willingness to entertain the young ones. I love how Mycah can talk your ear off about nonsense when no one else is around. I love the way Logan runs across a room with his chunky bow-legs. I love Lexi's fat cheeks and finger toes. I wouldn't trade this challenge for anything. And to all you Moms out there who suffer with sleepless nights, busy husbands, and no time to yourself, YOU ROCK!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Scream 3

Now you see why I REALLY, DESPERATELY, LONG FOR, and NEED a vacation!
(go right ahead and crank up the volume a few knots)

Monday, October 18, 2010


Imagine, your new baby is just starting to sleep through the night. She's giving you 10pm to 5am. Ahhh. Its been a long time. Finally some sleep....you think! But oh no, lets not forget...you have three others. And although they may not be infants, they all have their own reasons for waking you in those MUCH needed hours of sleep! Lately, its been Mycah. She is three and a half. She seems to think she rules the roost when it comes to bedtime rules. When I potty trained her I didn't move her out of diapers immediately when it came to bed. First off, she was totally hooked on having a sippy of water, and secondly she still woke up wet. Finally I told her NO MORE WATER in bed. Time to give it up. Well, she did pretty good for a while. Now...not so much. It almost seems that she is digressing. During the day she wets in her underwear then runs to the bathroom. For the past week she has been wetting her bed and waking me up at 4 AM...ugh. I haven't been worrying about it too much in the day because it doesn't happen all the time. I figure she just gets busy and waits too long. At night though.....I just want to DIE!! (NOT a morning person remember) With Mycah needing me to change her clothes and bedding I am up at 4, back to sleep hopefully by 4:30. Then up again at 5 to feed Lexi, back to sleep hopefully by 5:45. Then Logan has been pulling these early mornings at 6:30 in a screaming rage! Fun times! I'll tell you, being up at 4 every morning just KILLS my day! I don't know when I'll start exercising again. Anyway, I haven't been able to figure it out. Why is she wetting the bed? This morning I found it!! She has been sneaking into the kitchen after we are in bed and taking a big jug of water to bed!!! OOOOh that rotten sneak! Looks like I won't be keeping any drinks in the fridge anymore or I'm gonna have to get a fridge lock.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Little Mouse, And Me

I have a MOUSE in the house! Its name....Mycah Beal! There are two reasons why she is a mouse. First off, she doesn't really eat. Ok so she eats, but it is like pulling teeth getting her do eat a plate of food at mealtime. She just wants to snack all day. I try to limit the snacking so she will eat a decent meal but she is three, and quite able to get something herself. Hence the second reason why she is a mouse. When I say, "NO. You can wait until dinner time.", (when I'm not watching) she then goes to the fridge, opens it, pulls out the big block of cheddar cheese sits down and starts chowing down! Yup! She bites right into the big block like it is a delicious sandwich. Agh! So, I bought cheese sticks. Yesterday I'm pretty sure I found about 6 wrappers strewn about the house! Ahhh my little mouse. What do ya do?

In other news:

I was reading my Sister-in-Laws blog the other day. She has four kids. Her two oldest girls go to school, and She does piano lessons part-time from home. Now this is where I am amazed, by 7:40 in the morning when they walk out the door for school....they have gotten ready for school, had family scripture reading, breakfast, and practicing the piano all DONE! What the Heck?? I can't even fathom that. Am I just the laziest mom? I see these women who accomplish so much and wonder how they do it. I am just not that disciplined. I barely roll out of bed in just enough time to get Dejah fed and hair pulled back. Of course I have NEVER EVER been a morning person and don't anticipate that changing. Aw well. I am my own unique self. Last week I started working out every morning. I felt REALLY good afterward. The weekend hit and I totally lost my drive. Here I am, EXTREMELY uncomfortable in my "post-four-kids-pregnancy-body", and I can't pull it together this week to work out. My Mom is one of those amazing women that can discipline themselves. Once she puts her mind to something there is no stopping her. Wish I had that attribute. So here is me: I like staying up late. I love, love, love sleeping in til 8. I HATE working out, but love it in the form of biking, wake boarding, skiing, swimming, dancing...you know, fun stuff. I only wear make-up for church, dates, or special functions. My hair mostly stays in a ponytail. My house gets picked up, but deep cleaning only happens when absolutely necessary. I LOVE blogging and checking in on Facebook. I LOVE sugar! I could eat it all day (I'm really trying to work on this). I am NOT crafty. I don't sew. I don't can. I don't like making dinner but actually like to BAKE. I LOVE the holidays! I Love my kids and my husband! I love vacations! If I were gutsy enough I would make-over my house. Anyway. That is a few things about me. I've been trying to tell myself that its ok that I don't measure up to these amazing moms because that is just not me.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

TWO Months Old!

I seriously can't believe my baby is already 2 months old! I can't say it enough...time flies! Knowing Lexi is my last baby I just want to eat her up...every bit.

So far she is soooo easy, except on little thing, she is a PAIN to feed. She sleeps great! She'll give me a six hour stretch at night and has slept twice from 10pm to 6am. LOVE IT. She is pretty particular on how she wants to sleep, which is having her face nuzzled up against something soft, and then swaddled. She's not much of a pooper...which is totally opposite of her brother. Nice for me. Back to the feeding issue. She starts off her bottle and gets a few swallows, starts choking, then needs a burp. Bottle back in mouth and she does great for the 1st ounce. Burp, good. If she doesn't burp she won't keep eating. If I can't get a burp I'll lay her down and let her get all agitated. On the last ounce or two she starts gagging when I put the nipple in her mouth. It is quite the process, and most people who have tried (including Daddy) give up and hand her over. Anyway, she's still a bit spacey but is starting to look at us. I love those chubby cheeks and could seriously kiss them all day! More to come :)

Friday, October 8, 2010


I am having one of those days. I feel so sick and tired of picking up my house. There is a constant supply of laundry to do. A constant flow of dishes to be washed. The kitchen table, the counters, the floor, they get cleaned and dirtied one right after the other. It feels like I clean all day, and no dent is made. It repeats itself day after day. Point Being.....I NEED A DAY OFF! I am in desperate need to go shopping. My "newest" clothes are at least 2 years old....and those don't even fit yet. I haven't had my hair cut in a year. I need shoes. My kids need some new clothes. Seriously the list goes on. Sometimes I think I could probably brave the stores WITH all four...but if you read my last post about shoe shopping, you can get an idea of how that would be. I do take them grocery shopping with me, I have no choice. I take them, or we don't have necessary household items, including food. Today I needed to make a run to two separate banks. Of course getting out of the house is a trick in itself. It was lunch time, so I fed Lexi in one arm with the bottle in the same hand while scooping spoonfuls of mac-n-cheese into Logan's mouth in the other hand, while yelling at Mycah to feed herself (she has a problem with this). Finally kids fed (except Mycah), Lexi needed her diaper changed. I'm loading them all in the car and of course...the poop machine himself had on a poopie diaper. I unload him, change him then reload him. Meanwhile, Lexi is having a meltdown. Folks...all this for one car ride to two quick bank stops. Wowzers! Now we're back. There is housework to do and I don't want to touch it...so here I am blogging about it. Has anyone out there ever Hired a babysitter so they could take a day off? I am really almost considering it. Saturdays Alex usually has things to do, so having him do it......Won't Work.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Shoe Shopping

Shoe Shopping...but not for me. Boo (cuz I REALLY need some)! So sometime last week we somehow "lost" one of Logan's shoes. You know how shoes are...they just walk off on their own. So after searching almost everywhere the shoe was nowhere to be found. I decided I will just get him some new ones. It would be easier right??? Well, Dejah has been complaining about her shoes too, so it was time to kill two birds with one stone. Today (after grocery shopping with ALL FOUR), I took three very energetic children and one fussy infant to the shoe store. Now of course I can't remember sizes so the first step was to size up the feet. Done. I started with Dejah. This is where shoe shopping with all four became absolutely nuts! Logan scooped up Dejah's shoes and took off running. Here I'm trying to help Dejah pick out some suitable tennies and the whole time she's asking for these funky bedazzled ones and I'm back and forth chasing after Logan. Lexi is fussing because of course its time for a bottle. My phone rings (sorry Scott...still haven't got back to you). Mycah decides the jewlry is fun to look at, then Logan who was running all over the store decides the jewelry is fun to look at AND fun to touch! Still trying to help Dejah I give up and grab Logan a pair (NO trying on), and Dejah now wants the most expensive boots. By this time I am seriously sweating bullets! (Seriously who needs to work out when you have four small ones? Just go shopping with them!) So I totally gave in to the begging 6 yr. old and her boots (I never do this, but its BOGO and I needed a second item, Boo). Lets just hope we don't have to experience that anytime soon. Seriously I should have bought myself something...it probably would have been cheaper.

Booty Camp Begins

So yesterday I decided it was time to put my new treadmill to good use! I have been SO unmotivated, but when I think of next summer and my desire to have a rockin body...my motivation comes back. I'm not really shooting for weight loss. I just want to slim down certain areas and tone up. My heart has a lot of work to do as well. I don't really have a certain routine to follow. My goal right now for this week is 15 minutes on the treadmill walking and jogging. I want to work up a little sweat but not kill myself. I haven't done any vigorous exercise since before I got married. I'm not really setting any food goals yet. I hope to do the treadmill every day and then do abs, buns, thighs and arms on different days. Four babies and a body takes a different form. Time to get this booty in shape! So back in the day, my friend/cousin's wife had these AWESOME tapes called 8 minute abs, buns, thighs and arms...holy crap they rock! So of course I looked them up on youtube and there they were. If you want to get those areas burning...give em' a try!