Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving on the Farm

Every year we like to take off to Arco for the Thanksgiving festivities. Alex's Mom does such a wonderful job with the meal I just can't resist taking the three hour drive to eat it! We arrived on Tuesday and had a pretty laid back evening. The next day everyone else arrived. We had all kinds of yummy soups and finished the evening off with an amazing "Pie Pig Out" and "Planes Trains and Automobiles"! Thanksgiving day, was also very laid back, and we enjoyed the Turkey, Stuffing, Candy Yams, Mashed Potatoes, and home made rolls. While we were there Alex pulled the girls around on the sled. He also helped his Dad straw down the cattle and do other odds and ends of farm work. There were board games, football, movies, napping, shooting guns, and tons of fun conversation. Thankyou to Alex's parents for hosting such a big group! We had a blast!

Pumpkin Pie, Apple Pie, Pecan Pie, Two Coconut Cream Pies, Lemon Cream Pie, Banana Cream Pie and a Pumpkin Roll!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Moon

My Mom got free tickets to see the Friday Night 7:00 showing of New Moon. Nothing beats free! Especially for a movie I would have paid full price for! I invited my long time friend Korin to join me. There were 10 of us total in the group. We started the evening off with Olive Garden...yum! Ok now onto the "meat".

As most women, I LOVED the books! Most of all I LOVED Edward! The Twilight Movie came out and I was extremely disappointed. I felt the movie did no justice to the books. So, naturally I was hesitant about New Moon. But I Loved it! Thankyou to a change in movie directors and more money in the budget, New Moon lived up to the "book standard". My biggest disappointment....Robert Pattinson as Edward. Sorry folks....those spray painted abs did not fool me. He looked like a sick, skinny, hairy chested smoker in bad health. I couldn't wait for him to put that shirt back on!!

Now to his brooding "enemy", Jacob. I liked Jacob in the book. But he didn't win my heart for Bella. Then I saw the movie. Hello Taylor Lautner!! In the movie he takes his shirt off...every women in the theater squealed like a little girl. It was disgustingly funny. I must say....HOT HOT HOT!

So My take on the movie...Awesome! Loved it! I will be seeing this one again! And as for the new shirt will now read........(see below)!

Friday, November 20, 2009


Ok, so this is not really an interesting post. I really have no great events going on that are deserving of a blog entry...YET. :)
Life is moving just as normal as ever. I guess that's a good thing. Alex is still as busy as ever with School, Work, and Church. Tonight he gets to have the kids all to himself while I get a little girls night to see New Moon.
Dejah is making slow progress in school. I need to get her some really great flash cards and start working with her on her letters so that she passes the test coming up in January. Its been a bit of a struggle for me too. I'm not good at helping her, and I tend to get frustrated, which I'm sure doesn't help. I'm learning that its a process for both of us. Its also really hard juggling the other kids into the mix.
Mycah is getting so much better at Speaking. I'm so proud of her. She's actually pretty smart. We were in the car listening to Christmas music on the radio. A song came on and she instantly said, "Its Charlie Brown!". She was right on! I think she's only seen it a couple times. Now if she could just get pottie training down we'd be in business.
Logan is constantly in a new phase. He HATES cereal! Soon I will try veggies on him and see if he likes those. Alex has trie Ice Cream on him...and do you think he didn't like that??? He LOVES it! Thanks Alex for ruining him :) Anyway, he is rolling pretty good, and he is doing his schedule fabulously.
As for me. Just the same ol stuff, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pottie Drama

Mycah (2 1/2) "I poopie Mommy"

Me "Ok. Go get a diaper and we'll change you"

Mycah (walking in back to my room with a diaper) "Here go"

Me "Mycah, where does poop go??"

Mycah "Uhhh, In the pottie."

Me "Right"

Mycah "I wanna poop in the pottie Mom"

Me "You already did in your diaper"
(I check her diaper, no poo)

Me again "Mycah, lets try using the pottie"

Mycah gets her pottie seat, and gives it a try. No go. I leave her nude for a while. She comes running in...

Mycah "I not go on the carpet"

Me "C'mon lets go to the pottie"

Mycah "I want a diaper!"

Me "No, lets be a big girl and poop in the pottie"

Mycah (upset) "I want a diaper!!"

Me "Babies wear diapers. Are you a baby?"

Mycah (more upset) "I not a baby!!"

Me "Big girls use the potty. Don't you want to be a big girl like Dejah?"

Anyway after a tantrum, I give up and put the diaper back on. She goes to time out for having a tantrum. What to do. She knows what needs to happen in the pottie. She even tells me when she has just pooped or wet. I've tried keeping her naked so that she has no choice, but the same thing happens. She wants her diaper and will have a fit till she gets it. I don't want to traumatize her with the experience. I just figure, when she's ready, she'll give up the diaper for cute little underwear. Till then, drama, drama, drama!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Frozen Leafs

Every year, Alex volunteers in the "rake up Boise" project. This morning I packed up the girls snow gear and we were off. I wasn't really planning on helping since I have Logan. Dejah was a pretty good sport. Mycah and Logan preferred just sitting in the car with me. I don't blame them. It was FREEZING! Anyway, I managed to catch a couple photos!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Good and Bad

I've been thinking about Husbands and Marriage. Yesterday I was saying to some friends,

"Marriage is truly the Best and Worst thing you will ever experience."

I really believe that. Alex and I have been together for Seven years now (including the "dating time"). I really feel that we have had so many ups and downs in our relationship. He would probably say that we have only had ups :) I love him for that though. Either way, I call it GROWTH. I would have to say, the worst time was when we lived in Laramie. I've shared this story before, so I won't again. But I was feeling a bit "disappointed". It wasn't all bad, but I didn't feel much love. I'm sure I was also a bit depressed. I kept asking the Lord "why". We lived there for two years and finally made it back to Idaho. Since then we have added two more kids to our family. A new job for Alex (which he loves). And most importantly, a must needed change for our family. I can't really pinpoint anything in particular. We still have arguments and disagreements (as I think most couples do), but I can honestly say things have only gotten better in our relationship. I want to attribute it to these things: One, a job that Alex really enjoys, and it doesn't require all of his time. Two, a support of family for me while Alex is busy. Three, (and I would say this is the most important), Alex's dedication to the Lord and His calling! Usually I would say all this "stuff" he has on his plate is a reason to be upset. But I haven't been feeling that at all. His job is our "support", His Masters degree is something Alex is working at so that he can improve our situation. His calling in the church is his way of doing what the Lord asks. I have only seen blessings from it. We try to go on dates when we can. Which is not too often. Last night Alex came home late from work, because he was trying to get some homework done. He walked in the door with a Card, a bag of Chocolate Truffles, Two movies, and a New Reading Lamp (which I was complaining about not having since my kids broke my last one). The card was very special. That "love" I wasn't feeling in Laramie, has transformed into something beautiful. I love my husband, in good times and in bad. This journey has not been the easiest, but I'm so glad we get to take it together.

Feeling A Bit Sorry For Myself

Living out in Kuna has its ups and downs. The downs are that none of my "Boise" family or friends (except my Sister Melissa) ever come to visit. This has actually been hard for me, but I've learned that I can't change that, so if I want to see them, I have to make the effort and drive there. Ok, the upside is that Kuna is really a great town. Other than some serious need for businesses, I really like it here. I am impressed with the School District, and I like the people. We've been living in Kuna a little over three years now. So the big thing I've been wondering, "why don't we ever get invited to do anything with anyone?" I've been feeling like, "maybe we're not cool enough", "maybe people don't like kids running around", "maybe we are the ones that come across as uninviting", I don't know. What I do know is that I like to get out, and love a good party. And I have no problem getting a babysitter! Football, Holidays, any reason at all, count me in. I may not be much of an entertainer, but who doesn't love to laugh and have a good time? Ok, with that being said, maybe I'm not the only one feeling like that. Yesterday morning I decided to do a last minute "play group". I stepped out of my little box and just planned something. (You say its for the kids) Really, you know it is just as much for the Moms as it is for the kids!

The kids had a great time, and of did I!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Things I'm Lovin'

Ever since I let Logan sit in my sister-in-law Christy's Bumbo...I HAD to have one! I LOVE it! Now I want the tray!
Thankyou Babywise!! Thankyou Mitzi for reminding me about it! It has SAVED me. Logan is now sleeping from 8pm to 7:30am without eating. He is on a very strict day schedule. Now all I need is for him to figure out how to enjoy sleeping on his back. He is rolling over and doesn't like it so much. Here he is doing really well.

Logan loves to jump up and down when you hold him. I thought he might like a I bought this used. I Love it. He doesn't "get it" though.


I don't know what it is, but I can't go a day without it. So this is usually my breakfast, if not my "before bed" snack. I'm addicted.

On Halloween night, Alex brought home Papa Murphey's pizza...including their cookie dough. I made myself a couple and thought I died and went to heaven! I've had to bake myself a couple every night and include them with a tall glass of chocolate milk! Oh this is doing bad things for my post-baby figure.

I'm going on a serious work out regiment after the holidays are over!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Oh, Parenting...

So last night, Alex and I were in bed watching a movie. It was around 10:00, and the kids had been down since 8ish. All of a sudden Dejah comes running by our bedroom door and opened the laundry room door. We looked at her and said "Dejah, what are you doing?", she looked really confused and turns tail and ran in the other direction. I got out of bed to see what was up. I saw her bedroom light on and I thought maybe she had wet the bed and was putting her wet things in the laundry room. I walk into her room and she was sitting on the corner of her "baby doll" crib, pants down!! I was really confused when I saw her there, then all of a sudden she is this is where she's supposed to be! As she is doing her business into the toys and all over my carpet, I said in a very shocked manner "DEJAH! What are you doing????". She just looked up at me very confused like. I think she finally came to, after a serious rebuking from me. She started to cry. I felt really bad. I helped her change her P.J.'s and get back to bed. She went right down like nothing had even happened. I cleaned up the mess and that was that. But seriously?? What was that?! I am writing about it now, pretty sure that this will be something to laugh about later :)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Football Boys!

Friday, November 6, 2009

FREE Movies Anytime in your Home!

Call me crazy, Call me dumb, you can say..."duhh", it doesn't matter, its more than likely true, but I LOVE my new discovery!! You see, I (like many of you I'm sure) get sick of my kids small collection of movies. We don't watch movies all day, but we do watch them often. About a year ago, Alex and I moved our "computer" center out into the living room using a beautiful computer hutch. Making our computer like a second T.V.!!! So when my girls want to watch something, maybe something seasonal like "Charlie Brown and the Big Pumpkin" ect.. I go to You Tube. Search for pretty much anything and include "Part 1" in my search, I am usually lead to that movie or show. I click on the little + sign, then I find all the other "parts" (part 2, part 3, ect...), add them, then I go to my "quick list" and "play all"!!! I blow up the screen big, and there is our movie! Yay! I have done this with so many movies you wouldn't even believe it! I mean seriously... you can find "almost" everything! I love Mickey mouse and there are TONS of shorts! So if you have your computer in a place that would be comfortable enough to sit and watch, give it a go! Its awesome! Goodbye kids rentals and goodbye Library (at least for my kids :) )

Monday, November 2, 2009

What Do You Think?

Me...on the Left. Logan...on the Right.

Alex...on the Left. Logan...on the Right.

I've been hearing that Logan looks like me lately. What do you think???
My opinion stands. All my kids have a perfect mix of both of us :)

My Attempt at Becoming "Baby-Wise"

Two weeks ago I decided...enough is enough. Logan was approaching 5 months old, and was still waking me up at least 3 times a night, and demanding a 3-4am feeding! I was tired, I was dragging and I needed something to help me get this boy to sleep longer!

I remembered that I had done a "babywise" method with my first kid. I wasn't too strict with it because both my girls were great sleepers and eaters. They just kinda created their own schedule. Logan has been totally different. I have had some serious "tweaking" to do. According to the book "Babywise", creating a daily schedule of Wake & Feed, Wake-time, Nap; your baby will regulate their nights and sleep longer. I have done research, and everything I've read says a Five month old baby should be sleeping around 10 hours in the night and about 15 hours total. I won't go into too many details, but Logan was just doing whatever, whenever. I was just following "his lead". So I started a schedule.

I pretty much stay in the house all day, every day. If I make a trip to the grocery store, it is a quick trip during his longest wake time. So far (up until daylight savings yesterday), Logan has been sleeping from 8ish to 7:30 without a bottle. He will wake me up just one time for his pacifier. Hallelujah! Now this is where I need some advice from any BABYWISE mom.

Logan is pretty grumpy during the day :( I'm pretty sure its because I am making him be awake longer than he wants. I have been letting him nap two hours in the morning, 1 1/2 hours mid-day, and another 1 1/2 hours in the afternoon, limiting him to 5 to 5 1/2 hours in the day so that he'll give me 11 hours at night. This is the schedule I have been following:

7:30-Wake & Feed


11:30-Wake & Feed

1:00- Nap

2:30-Wake & Feed


5:30-Wake & Feed

8:15-8:30-Feed & Sleep

Logan likes to "cat nap", so I'm trying to break that cycle by making him go back to sleep when he wakes up during his naps. Thsi morning I could not keep him awake from 7:30 to 9:30. He was so fussy after one hour of being awake, I just put him to bed. So much for my "strict schedule". I just don't know why he is so grumpy during the day...I know he wants some "cat naps", I just don't want him to sleep his day away and then not give me sleep in the middle of the night. What do I do??

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Halloween Morning

Saturday Morning our girls woke up at 6:30! They were so excited, it was like Christmas!

Alex got out the pumpkins and they carved them while they ate breakfast.

After our Pumpkin carving, Alex had some things to do, so the girls watched Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin and E.T.

It was a fun morning :)