Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Moon

My Mom got free tickets to see the Friday Night 7:00 showing of New Moon. Nothing beats free! Especially for a movie I would have paid full price for! I invited my long time friend Korin to join me. There were 10 of us total in the group. We started the evening off with Olive Garden...yum! Ok now onto the "meat".

As most women, I LOVED the books! Most of all I LOVED Edward! The Twilight Movie came out and I was extremely disappointed. I felt the movie did no justice to the books. So, naturally I was hesitant about New Moon. But I Loved it! Thankyou to a change in movie directors and more money in the budget, New Moon lived up to the "book standard". My biggest disappointment....Robert Pattinson as Edward. Sorry folks....those spray painted abs did not fool me. He looked like a sick, skinny, hairy chested smoker in bad health. I couldn't wait for him to put that shirt back on!!

Now to his brooding "enemy", Jacob. I liked Jacob in the book. But he didn't win my heart for Bella. Then I saw the movie. Hello Taylor Lautner!! In the movie he takes his shirt off...every women in the theater squealed like a little girl. It was disgustingly funny. I must say....HOT HOT HOT!

So My take on the movie...Awesome! Loved it! I will be seeing this one again! And as for the new shirt will now read........(see below)!


  1. I haven't seen the movie yet - but I've heard about Jacob and people switching teams :) - I am so excited to see it :)

  2. Totally agree with everything you said! Loved it but I'm switching teams!

  3. ditto ditto ditto! and I too screamed like alittle girl. (internally though, I have some self respect!)

  4. I so want one of those t-shirts for Christmas - I'll pass that along to Santa! I too, may have to considere switching teams - although I'm a wee bit turned off that Taylor Lautner is only 17. That might be a problem in my world!