Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I Love Dance

I Love Dancing! Always have. Someday I will have the opportunity again. But for now, I live vicariously through others. Here is a video of my cousin Maggie dancing. She is currently working with Cirqu Du Soliel in Vegas doing Ariel Dancing. Anyway, here she is just Dancing. Enjoy.



1. Alex's Spring Break is OVER...its back to stay home, clean house (OR NOT), find things to do while feeling extremely Prego and immobile.

2. Its not getting warmer outside! Anyone else feeling extremely ready for Spring? I think I should live in a warmer climate :)

3. Apparently I'm told by the guy at the store who sells STAIN for my playset....I should not even go near the stuff. Even with a mask! Crazy. I was going to do it myself. Now I HAVE to enlist some help from non-prego people....ie...Alex!

4. I've decided that I am not a fan of Dogs. Why? You ask? My neighbor behind me has TWO. They dig big holes under the fence, and come into my yard. And they BREAK my fence with their teeth....(yes they have chewed and busted the fence in many places) to do it! The neighbor across from me also has Two dogs. Their little dog also digs under the fence and gets out and barks in a territorial way at anyone walking down the sidewalk. He also comes into my yard terrorizing the dogs that live behind me and on both sides of me. Basically I have a neighborhood full of dogs that run wild. Come on Owners...I can't call animal control on everyone!

5. I have been spending my last couple days converting all my home videos to DVD. This is a long awaited event, but I'm getting closer. Its fun to look back. My kids have grown SO fast!

6. I have another Dr. apt. tomorrow. This is the one where I get to drink that gross fizzy stuff and wait for a 1/2 hour. I'm pretty sure they'll tell me I'm anemic. I feel it.

7. Alex thinks he's taking the girls camping this weekend. Sounds good? Well maybe so if the weather wasn't supposed to be rainy and cold! At least he's borrowing my Grandpa's camper. We'll see if he reschedules. If not, anyone up for girls night here on Friday night????

8. My house is messier today than I ever remember it! Thanks to my lively girls....I get to do alot of bending over today.

9. Mycah tells me when she's poopy. :) She will bring me a diaper and wipes and say "Uh..boop-ee"

10. I slept really good last night....and for you moms that have been Prego before...you know how nice that is.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Work IT Girl!

Last weekend we had a BEAUTIFUL day outside. Perfect day for a Photo Op. Thanks a ton to my Sister-in-Law's mother for taking these beautiful pictures for us! Dejah did a Great job "working the camera"....Mycah...not so much, but I think we got some good ones. Now Bring On the Spring weather!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Given's Hot Springs

Yesterday for Family Home Evening we decided to go to "Given's Hot Springs". It is about a 1/2 hour drive from Kuna, so not too bad, plus they were having a March special that got Dejah in for free. Since I didn't swim...it was a Seven Dollar outing! Fabulous! Alex and his brothers plan on taking all the kids on an overnight campout there in a couple weeks so here is a bunch of pictures of the area and our swimming fun.

Of course after a big swim the girls were starving. Lucky for them they have a Mom who thinks aobut that stuff. Here they are pigging out on PBJ's, water, and snacks galore!The rest of the pictures are of the campgrounds. There was a swing set. RV hook ups. Tons of picnic benches, grassy areas and fire pits. There are no dogs allowed there at all, so no worries for your kids.

The prices for camping are pretty good. An RV with hook ups is $25/night Plus swimming for two adults. Each additional person is $7. Dry Camping is $20/night. Again $7 for each additional person. I'm not sure how that applys to children. Go to the Givens Hot Springs Website here> http://www.givenshotsprings.com/index.html for more info.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Married SIX Years

So, today is our Six year anniversary. I can't believe how quickly the time has gone by. Since today is the Sabbath, we celebrated yesterday. My Dad was so good to watch the kids for us for a few hours while we hit up a movie and dinner. We had reservations at Tucanos in Boise. It is a Brazilian restaurant new to the area. We love The Rodizio in Salt Lake, so this place was similar. The food was very good, and we ate a ton. We also saw the movie "Knowing". I won't give a detailed summary of my opinion, but we were entertained and loved the time away from the kiddies. As is our Six years of marriage, the date went by way too fast. I'm hoping someday beyond the "child baring" years, Alex and I will be sitting on a cruise ship or sunny beach somewhere, sipping virgin pina coladas and soaking up some beautiful sun. But for now we'll take a date. Here is the movie trailer. If you decided to see this movie you can decided for yourself what you thought of it.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Divine Intervention

This last week has been particularly challenging. My last post about my "Meltdown" was a complete understatement. There have been alot of tears. Thankfully I have Wonderful friends and family that are willing to step-in in times of need. I am so grateful for all the love and support around me. Yesterday evening Alex got home and just took the reins. He started doing housework the second he walked in the door. I got to leave and hang out with some old friends from Laramie for a few hours. I came home to a clean house and girls in the bath. Today I was going to go shopping with my kids AND with my Sister-in-Law Christy for a little bit, but my Husband's brother Hart and his Wife Jory offered to watch the girls for as long as I needed. I reluctantly accepted. I just hate "pawning" my kids off on others, but I really needed it, so I accepted. Christy was able to hand her baby over to her Mom for a while and we just shopped and went out to lunch. It was a really nice break. The weather was FABULOUS too! I came home and decided to take advantage of the warm weather and I weeded my garden box and raked up leaves. As I was finishing, a Friend from the Ward brought us a PaPa Murphy's Pizza! Thanks wasn't even good enough. She is also Prego and due Mid May. She has two kids also and must be going through some of the same stuff. I just want to thank everyone for the love and support. I feel so lame that I'm even feeling overwhelmed at all. Anyway, I think the key to the next couple of months is going to be....GETTING OUT and GETTING BUSY. I don't necessarily need to get rid of my girls, but if I can have something to do that gets me away from "house chores" I think I can survive this better. I have started taking Iron Supplements along with a beautiful little laxative to help counter the effects. Hopefully my energy levels will be on the rise too. Again, Thanks everyone!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Yes. I am blogging, Again. I don't have any huge events that are driving me to do this. In fact, this post doesn't even come with pictures. Mostly for "journal" purposes this post is about the progress of my prego state. All I have to say is, Be prepared. Ok, so Can I just say, I HATE being depressed! I hate the crying, I hate the way it all makes me feel. Today I had a meltdown. A Huge meltdown. One that drove me to calling Alex at work and bawling my eyes out at him for who knows how long. I wouldn't say its anything in particular, just RAGING pregnancy hormones, set off by Two darling energetic girly girls full of spunk and emotions, who could probably be related to a Tornado when it comes to my house. First off, I'm not looking for "pitty". I don't really think I am feeling sorry for myself either. Just keeping it real folks. I have two and a half months left of this, then I'll get a whole new set of "unfriendly" hormones. But lets not go there right now. Lets focus on the present, which seems to be switching from "blissful" Second trimester to the not so "fun" Third trimester. Comfort at night is becoming more and more impossible. I believe this little boy is going to be just as "energetic" as his big Sisters. He LOVES nights! All the "room" in there just drives him to doing TyBo all night long. I get to choose one side to lay on and with this I get to choose a nostril to breath out of. Now to my biggest problem. I'm pretty sure I'm severely anemic. I'm feeling it. I always get it, and the Dr.'s always make me start taking DOUBLE doses of Iron. If you've ever taken Iron, you know what that does to you, and its noooooo fun. So what do ya do? Today, I could probably use some iron because I feel like someone has fed me an antihistamine. Anyway, let me just say this. Despite all my complaining. All the tiredness. All the things I "suffer" with throughout my pregnancies, I truly believe this is what the Lord intended. When he kicked Adam and Eve out of the garden, and commanded them to "multiply and replenish the Earth" he knew this would be their biggest trial and biggest source of joy. I would never trade any of my kids for the option of not trying. I know so many who have difficult pregnancies, and others who don't. Every woman is given her fair share of "pain" when it comes to child bearing and rearing. For now, this is my trial, and I am trying my best to endure. I know that the brighter side of the tunnel is coming soon.

Celebration Park

This past Saturday, Alex was getting that "Beal Itch" as I call it, to get out and do something outdoors. He has been wanting to take the girls out to Celebration park for quite sometime. Of course, the day did not start well with me because all my vercose veins felt as if they were going to POP! Anyhow, after sitting on my rear the first half of the day, I decided to tough it out and go anyway. Alex called all of his family members in town to see if they wanted to come out for a hot dog and smore roast, but it was just too last minute. So we took off with our girls for a little outing. Here are the pictures we took.
Alex really wanted to be the one to blog about this day, but as things go in his life right now, he is WAY too busy with Work, his Masters Classes, and his new calling to even think about sitting to blog.
I don't really know what the significance is of this bridge, but the girls loved walking across and looking down into the Snake River.

There are tons of big rocks for climbing on there too.

There are some camping areas. Picnic areas, and even a launch pad for boats.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Did Anyone Else Notice?

This season of 'The Bachelor', we meet a girl named Melissa. I actually got my Husband to watch with me because this girl was so cute. She ended up getting "picked" in the end, just to be rejected and dumped all in the same season. We both got a good laugh out of this season. But I felt pretty bad for Melissa. I'm sure you've all seen the news. And now she is a Contestant on 'Dancing With The Stars'. Anyhow, I made an observation tonight. Does anyone else think she looks a TON like Charisma Carpenter???

For those of you who are nerds like me, you may know that Charisma Carpenter played a big role in 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' and 'Angel'. I have seen every episode of each of those TV series and loved them! I was a fan of "Cordillia Chase" (Charisma's character). Yes you can laugh...I am a total nerd. So tonight I realized that these two girls look a TON alike. They even both have tattoos on their back! (which I will not show) Do you think maybe Melissa is a fan too??

I will show some side-by-side photos of these girls and you tell me if you see what I'm seeing!

On the left is Melissa. On the right is Charisma.

The same with the last photos.

I AM GooooD!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ladie's Night?? This Wed or Thurs evening?

Its that time again! I know you Moms need a time out with your ladies! So here's the thing. I'm not very good at "organizing" this stuff, but I'm doing my best. Last time it was a late night movie. So I'm thinking either the same for this week, or we could all meet at Applebees in Meridian. I really need some imput so please feel free. For me, normally Thursday nights are good for me, but this Thursday Alex made plans and may not be home until 9:00. "Benjamin Button" starts at 9:10 at the Overland Reel. I could do Wed night any time, any event. Or we could all meet at Applebees either day, any time. Please give me your imput and let me know when would be BEST for you and if you'd like to come. Also feel free to invite your friends. The more the marrier!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Ready for WASPS??

Look at the face of that creature! Just this picture itself freaks me out!!! Did I mention that I have a pretty bad phobia of Bees?? No, not Honey Bees. Wasps, Hornets, and Yellow Jackets. I love Spring and Summer, but hate these flying around when I'm trying to enjoy the outdoors. When we bought this house, there were quite a few "nests" gone untreated around our house. One in particular was conveniently located in our RV parking area that went into our crawl space. We'd see 3 or 4 wasps flying in and out constantly. Luckily Alex's twin brother Lance works in Pesticide and "took care" of that problem for us. Of course it was not without HUGE effort. The first time he attempted spraying the nest, he went into the crawl space, used one of my brooms to pull back the insulation, and BOOM...Attack! He came scrambling out of that crawl space so fast, I could hear him throughout the house. When the weather got cooler, he came back all geared up in a suit. He said the nest was about the size of a BASKETBALL!!! Ikes!

Ok, so onto my point. We have this Fabulous Rainbow Playset that my Aunt bought in 1994. It has basically sat at my Grandparents house rotting for several years unassembeled. We are currently using it and love it. The biggest downside is that the wood is so old and hasn't ever been re-sealed. So the Wasps LOVE IT too. They basically like to chew up the old wood and make their paper nests with it. There are also a bunch of holes in it that need plugged up, because they like to hide out during cooler hours. So GOAL #1 this Spring for me (before the baby comes), power wash, plug, and re-stain the whole playset. I'm hoping to start this week while the weather is warming up. I'm hoping this process will keep the wasps away. We haven't had any stings yet, but I don't really want a first. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Little Girls=Big Emotions!

Ok, so I think am just having "one of those days". I guess you could call it pregnancy. I don't know. I am so tired. My patience is spent. My kids are driving me INSANE! I don't know how much whining I can take. For those of you who have girls, you may understand. I'm trying really hard to enjoy them and their new "grown up" stage of life. It just seems that the older they are both getting, the more they fight, and the more they fuss and whine. It drives me to "yelling" back at them, but I'm sure it just aggravates the problem. My little Mycah is a shadow. She is two, yet insists clinging to me constantly. The only exception is when she is playing with her big sister. I don't know what it will be like without her when she goes to school in the fall. One thing is for sure, I may have less clothes to pick up during the day. Dejah is like a mini teenager who changes her outfits at least Ten times a day, then leaves everything on the floor. Just a challenge thrown into this thing called Motherhood. I don't mean to just complain during this whole post. I'm just feeling tired and a bit rundown. I'm hoping I'll feel better tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Where Much Is Given, Much is Expected

First off, I'm not one who would consider myself "wealthy". We are not. We make a modest wage, and live by modest means. On the other hand, I do consider myself to be very "blessed". We are not completely "without" and have been given so much by the Lord. We don't go hungry, and seem to always have the ability to pay our bills and provide the necessities to our kids. Well, Alex has a Student in his class who is a member of our same church. He hasn't been an "active" member in a long time. He talks about it with Alex sometimes. One thing I love about my husband is that he is a "natural missionary". He truly cares about others. He would never force his beliefs on anyone, but is always willing to share and encourage people to research it and pray diligently for truth. This Student of his has come into some tough times. His girlfriend is pregnant and just lost her job. He is also out of a job. Alex encouraged him to start going back to church.
So one Sunday they drove to a nearby Chapel. There was hardly any parking. The student said that they were about to decide to go somewhere else when he felt like he needed to go to the building that appeared to be very busy. They mustered up the courage and went in. It was stake conference! HE said that Elder Jeffrey R. Holland was speaking. This student was so excited to tell Alex about his experience. HE told Alex that Jeffery R. Holland said there were members in the audience that have been less active and such and said that this is the time to be active and in the church. The student felt like he was talking to him directly. The student said that Jeffrey R. Holland said to the congregation that we are in the last chapter before the second coming. Anyway, the student was very pleased and excited to let Alex know all about it. So he's been going back to church, and of course, times are still pretty tough on him.
Another one of Alex's students let Alex know that this Student and his girlfriend have been eating lunch meat for meals and are completely broke. They have nothing. Alex must have been feeling compelled by the Lord, because he came home and said he wanted to take them some groceries. So Saturday morning we got up and pretty much emptied our pantry and fridge of anything we had that was unopened. We gathered together quite a few sacks of groceries and took them to this Student's apartment. It was tiny. They didn't have alot of space. His pregnant girlfriend was there with this Student's two kids. We unloaded and told her we just wanted to help. She was very grateful, and then we left. Monday at work, the Student told Alex that she called him just after we left and broke into tears. Sunday she spent alot of her day crying. She just couldn't believe that someone would do this for her. I just want you all to know that I feel so blessed. I am so glad we were able to help this family. I wish I could have done more. I am truly grateful for my blessings.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Randomness Again!

Am I the only one that gets bored on a weekend night? I know I've mentioned this before, but sometimes weekends just kill me. Tonight Alex couldn't take it anymore and we went "driving"....and driving and driving. We really went nowhere, and we really didn't do anything. Anyway, we are home now and I am blogging for sanity. So far this week has been really nice for me though. I took the girls to a "playgroup" thing on Monday, and that was fun to socialize and eat. Tuesday I hung out with my sick Mommy. Thursday evening was girls night at the movie theater. Friday we went to dinner with my parents...So for the most part, we've been very entertained.
Ok, so "Random Number 2". Do any of you have annoying neighbor dogs? Well, that is an understatement for us. The person right behind us has TWO. A big black one that digs holes under our fence, and a little wiener dog that crawls through those holes and terrorizes our neighborhood. Ok, the neighbor directly across from us has THREE dogs. Two big ones in the back yard that bark quite a lot because they never get out. And their third one that is little, that also digs under the fence and gets out and barks down anyone in the area. He is Mean and very territorial. Of course he also wonders off into our yard and many others. The neighbor to the left of us has a lab that barks too (but not nearly as much). The neighbor to the right has a small dog that is kept in their house and always on a leash. Now lets not forget all the many cats in the area that seem to think our yard is a litter box. You've got to love the owners for just letting them go anywhere.
Random Number 3. My girls have the messiest hair I've ever seen. It doesn't matter how much you brush or comb it, it is always everywhere. I need some hair remedies fast. Dejah is a bit easier, because it is now long enough to tie back into braids and ponytails, but Mycah....oh heavens. That girl is Two years old, and practically bald. The hair she does have is thin, sparse and mattes up really easily. Tiny ponytails are only a success when her entire head is gelled.
Well, that's about it for my randomness today. I hope you all had a much better weekend than us :)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Come to Girl's Night

Ok, so I've decided. If you can't make it. That's ok, there will be more to come. As for this Thursday evening, I haven't received many responses and One "For Sure". So for tomorrow night I will be meeting whoever wants to at the Overland Reel for the 9:35pm showing of Bride Wars. Admission is $4 and you CAN pay with card there. I know its late and there won't be much socializing, but it should be nice to get out anyway. If anyone has any questions please just call me. I'm not posting my phone number, but if you make a comment I will contact you :)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Girl's Night? Anyone?

Ok, so I am officially organizing a "girl's night". I'm not one to really lead in starting somthing like this, but I've heard alot of you express your interest, so here we go. I was thinking we could do this every-other week...or every week if preffered. We can do anything! The key is...no kids. I know, I know, this may be hard especially for some of you with babies...bring them if you must, but the key to this whole idea is to get a much needed break from those little ones. Anyone who wants to come is totally invited and can bring someone if you'd like. I'm thinking this will be mostly a late night event, starting somewhere between 9 and 9:30pm. So lets start with this week. Thursday night is the night I've selected for now. I would LOVE imput. So heres the voting part. I'm thinking "Chick Flick" this Thursday!

Overland Park Cinemas.

"Bride Wars" Showing at 9:30pm. Admission is $2, or you can pay $4 if you want two side food items (popcorn, pop, candy).

Overland Reel Theater.

"Bride Wars" showing at 9:35pm. Admission is $3. Food is extra-Large orders recieve free refill. (The theater is way nicer :>)

Ok and Last, "Twilight" at the Overland Reel showing at 9:45pm.

Please feel free to make a comment and let me know if you are in for this Thursday evening. Kuna people meet either here at my house by 9:00 or for Boise people we'll meet at the theater just before show starts. Come dressed comfy cozy....I sure will. Also if you'll vote for your Favorite theater then we'll take majority. This should be fun! I hope any of you Moms who want to do this will let me know what works best for you.