Saturday, August 30, 2008

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?

Tis the season!To lose my Husband to the game of Football. Not literally, but yes, he will be glued to the tube whenever opportunity calls.
Football season is just beginning. Alex is currently with his brothers at Boise State's first football game of the season. He is not a crazy Boise State fan, but loves a good do I. But not nearly as much. Here is a clip of the greatest game I ever witnessed with my own eyes...The Fiesta Bowl!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Proud MaMa

So this post may seem a little odd to some, but I'm so proud of my Dejah I just can't let an opportunity to write about it pass me by.
Potty training happened for us a year ago. It was truly a great day when she turned 3 because all of a sudden she decided that she didn't want to wear diapers Anymore! Up to that point we had been practicing using the big potty. No pressure. I had always heard about how hard it is when you push it too early. So we just "practiced" until it just happened. At night I would continue to put a diaper on her until I was sure she wouldn't wet the bed. She would wake up at night and tell me she had to go, I'd help her of course. Sometimes there would be accidents and she would wet the bed, but not too often. This is where the "proud part" comes in. She has been so good now about just waking up and taking herself to to bathroom then going back to bed. She doesn't even bother me now. Well last night she had an "accident", and wet her bed. But wouldn't you know, I didn't even find out until this morning when she came in my room wearing different p.j.'s. "Dejah, you're wearing your nightgown?"....."Yah, I peed in my other ones." Well I checked her room and there they were. She got up on her own, pulled off her wet onesee p.j.s, and her wet underwear. Opened her drawers and put on clean dry undies, put on a clean night gown then went back to bed. I checked her bed and it wasn't wet. I'm so proud of her. She is getting so big and learning how to do things for herself. My Sister's kid who is Dejah's age is still waking her up at 3:30 in the morning to take him to the bathroom and give him a drink. I think I'd just die. Anyway, I love my little "big" girl.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Nope. Not this kindYES! This is the Stuff! A couple days ago, Boise had a wind-storm. It just so happened that this big wind gust happened the evening before The Garbage Truck picks up everyones trash. Since not everyone invests in large heavy-duty garbage bins, sometimes we get garbage blown into our yard. Well, Monday evening the wind gusts brought us Popcorn! Today Dejah and I spent a while picking up every little piece from our grass. We collected a small box full. (The box was a build-a-bear box that also blew into our yard) My crazy neighbor boys decided it would be fun to break all the popcorn into smaller bits. So needless to say, I was not very happy, but Dejah and I finally got it all cleaned up.
Today we got a delivery! Finally we have two new canopys for the Rainbow set. This will be so nice. The kids have been needing some serious shade up there! This is a picture of the same playset (not the exact one in my yard). It belongs to my Aunt and Uncle, and was sitting at my Grandparents house, unassembled, and rotting for years in the weather. My Uncle told my Dad he could have it, and my Dad told me we could use it. Last summer we picked it up and transported it here. I'm hoping next summer to re-finish the wood and add a couple more features as you see below.

With the upcoming Fall comes better T.V. programing. The Hills from MTV is one I always look forward to. Since I no longer have Dish I am lucky to be able to also watch this show on the Internet! Yay! Here is a preview of the upcoming season.

Monday, August 25, 2008

My Baby is FOUR!

Dejah loves swimming! So for her Birthday, we threw a swimming/BBQ party for her at my Aunt Leann's pool. I would have loved to invite EVERYONE....but I'm sure you can understand. There were 12 cousins there and lots of adults. We swam, BBQ'd, had a birthday party, Pinyata, and cake to end on. I had so much fun, and Dejah had a BLAST! I can't believe my baby is so big. Time just flies. Just a few things about Dejah. She is so easy. I can always count on her to be my little helper. She is social, and loves kids. I love her to pieces.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

"Reality" Setting In

Oh it is here. The dreaded day, or the day of rejoicing, whichever you may call it....Alex has returned to work. I am SO BOARD! Totally not used to him being "out". Its been two days and I have spent more time on the computer than I could dream of. Since we no longer have Dish, there is absolutely NOTHING to watch! I have a netflix account which will help, but since I don't watch TV all day anyway, I have been doing some minor cleaning and cooking. I have aspirations of baking bread and coming up with new meals but I can't stand cooking, so this will be a challenge. It also seems to me that I am the only mom out there NOT enrolling her Four year old in Pre-School. I really wish I could, but have you seen how much Pre-school costs? I'm telling you the cheapest I have found is three days a week $85-90 a month! Maybe I'm cheap, but that is crazy! I'm trying to convince myself that I can teach her myself every day, and make up my own little pre-school curriculum for her, but I just don't even know where to start. If any of you have suggestions please fill me in. I want to do something that Mycah can get involved in too, even if she doesn't understand. So today in my "down time" I enjoyed the first half of season 1 of The Newlyweds. I loved Nick and Jessica and was totally bummed that they broke up. Here is the intro to the 1st Season. Enjoy.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

My Birthday Surprise

Turning 30 on August 5th was pretty "uneventful". I had a birthday party with my parents, but Alex was out of town for work. Obviously I was thinking when He came home, that I would get a nice date and maybe a little gift. Well he got home Friday night at that was a no-go. Saturday... the neighborhood picnic (which he was kind of incharge of), no-go there. Sunday..the Sabbath. Monday evening, nothing! I was so irritated that I told him to call his sister Mitzi to watch our kids so that he could take me to dinner. He did so and we had a nice dinner. So that was I thought. I was kind of bitter that week and needing a SERIOUS break from my girls. Alex went golfing twice that week, and my "bitterness" just elevated. Thursday morning I woke up and began to get ready to work out when Alex asked me to come lay down by him. I crawled back in bed next to him and he said, "I need you to stay here because I'm going to need your help packing". I just stared at him in disbelief and he said, "I'm taking you away for three nights, and your mom is going to watch the girls". For most of you who have kids know this is a rare occasion. I burst into tears. I totally couldn't believe it. We packed up and Alex took me to Salt Lake City. He reserved us three nights in the Radisson Down Town Salt Lake. We started the evening off touring Temple Square and the historic sites there. Then we had a nice dinner. The next day, we had breakfast then headed to Lagoon for the day. Those tickets are $40 a person and this nice family gave us discount coupons saving us $20. It was awesome. I was totally looking forward to the rides. I usually love them as long as they don't spin me around.

This first ride we went on was crazy! Alex didn't love it, and it got me a bit dizzy.

(This is not MY video, but you get the idea)

I was really excited for this ride, but it just made me more "dizzy" and a bit nautious.

WICKED! Its their newest ride and coolest by far. It shoots you out of a tube really fast straight up to the top then drops you practically straight down to extreme fast fun. I loved this ride, but afterwards I was way...way more dizzy and definitely nauseous.

We decided to give the big rides a break for a while. Here we are in line for a silly easy going ride.

Alex really wanted to go on the boat swing and really thought it would be easy. Just looking at this picture makes me sick! It took one swing back and it was all I could do not to throw up all over the dumb boat! Even Alex felt nauseous. This would be an understatement for me! I was DONE with Lagoon!! I had to go back to the Hotel to sleep it off! When I woke up, we decided to go back. I felt much better.....

Especially when we went to the water park. I think that cool water helped a ton!! This next ride was really fun also.

Here are some pictures of Temple Square.

This is where Alex proposed to me. Just outside the Joseph Smith memorial building. He had no intentions of doing it there, but since I was too stubborn and cold during the winter to get on the Horse and buggy, this is where it happened.

Saturday we had an enjoyable day. We had lunch at our favorite Rodizio Grill....YUM!

After that we went to Raging Waters for the rest of the afternoon.

I just want to give a shout out to my wonderful husband Alex. He is truly a wonderful husband. I am so grateful to have him in my life. It was beautifully planned and I had such a wonderful time. Thanks so much Alex. I will never forget my 30th birthday.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sing Along

Did you ever wonder what the "real" words are to some of the songs?? I know its long, but we're kind of in a Wizard of Oz vibe lately. Enjoy!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Joust N' Bounce

Saturday evening we took a little bike ride to our neighborhood "block party"! We laid down our blanket, and as usual, Mycah went straight for whatever food she could get her hands on. She started with someones cup of coolaid....of course dumping it down her first. Then I got her a hot dog, which she ate with some macaroni salad. She then moved on to a bag of Cheetos and whatever else was laying around.....funny kid.

Dejah of course didn't touch any of her food and spent almost the entire time on the big jumper house. There was a big connecting water slide which she had a blast on.

Next....The Jousting. My neighbor Heidi and I were the only girls to attempt the fun. It was pretty tiring. I was winded.

Here is Alex getting ready to JOUST!

Down he goes.......

and again....and again....No he did good, but these were the best shots.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Day at the Zoo

So not only is this week My Birthday week, but it is also the big week for camping on both sides of the family. Alex's family in Redfish, and mine at Hell's Canyon. Due to Alex being gone, I chose not to go to either...can you believe it!!? Ok, not going to Alex's is understandable (sorry Beals), but my Mom nearly begged me to come, and I still didn't. I know, I'm crazy huh. I guess I just didn't want to deal with the girls by myself so I chose the easy way out. I usually love Hell's Canyon. The campgrounds are clean, paved, grassy, flushing toilets, free showers, all the glassy water any skier or wake boarder would DIE for, a beachy area for the kids, tons of trees and grassy hills to relax in, yummy good food, great fishing....ALL OF IT! But with this is HOT weather, and fussy tired Mycah. She doesn't really like the boat, she requires a two hour nap in the middle of the day, and goes to bed at 8:30pm. I could have had her sleep in the camper with my Mom and Dad, but I really had pawning my kids off, so here I am. Now to the point. Since my sister Melissa couldn't go due to a wedding this weekend we decided to take the kids to the Zoo this morning. Age 3 and under was free, Adults $4. (I guess Thursdays were half price day). Great deal!

We couldn't have asked for a better morning! The sky was cloudy, it wasn't too hot, and the animals were all out. Here is Mycah and a Snow Leopard.

The only giraffe we saw was the big giraffe slide, but hey, the kids loved it!

The kids just wanted to be everywhere at once.

Halfway through the Zoo, my friend Kori Corson meet us there with her two daughters. Yes, that is a tiny baby bump on her...she is Due December 2nd.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ipod Nano

YaY! I got a Nano Ipod for my birthday from my wonderful Mom and Dad. Now if only I could figure the thing out. What? You Say? You can't believe I don't have one already? Yes, it is true, I'm a bit behind the times. It seems as though everyone has at least one. Nope not me. I don't even have any "updated music" to put on this beautiful little gadget. I do have a very large book of CD's but the music in there is now in my "less desirable" category. Some dating back to MC Hammer and Erasure, Boys 2 Men and The Cranberries, all good music....all old. What to do? Download you say? Hmmm...$1 per song or groceries? No I'm not that poor, but to take that method would mean lots of precious dollars for a song. I guess I will have to make some friends who buy updated music. If any of you have suggestions on how to remedy this, please fill me in. I am very excited to use it, now all I need is a hub and new tunes.

Did you ever see a child get so excited about a particular movie? Well Dejah has had many favorites, but one that has seemed to stick around is the Classic Wizard of OZ. She never tires of it, and probably has all the songs memorized. I havn't owned it until today. $5 for the VHS..nice! She loves it and sings along. It is so funny to watch.

Monday, August 4, 2008

The BIG 3....0...!

Happy Birthday to Me! I am 30 years old today, so here are 30 of my Favorite things.

First, I am grateful to my Savior Jesus Christ for his redeeming love for me.
I'm grateful for the scriptures and that they teach me how I should live.

I'm grateful for loving parents and all that they do for me.I'm grateful that I was able to serve a mission on the Oregon coast with such wonderful people.I'm grateful for Temples, and that I can be married for Time and all Eternity, and the promise that my family can be together forever.

I'm grateful for my siblings, and how supportive they are of me.

I look forward to the day when Alex and I can kick back and relax and soak up some sun.

I love Dejah.

I love Mycah.

I love it when Alex plays with the girls.

I love a good book, it has to be really good to get me to read it.

I love BBQ's.

I Love hooded sweatshirts.
I Love Blue Jeans!
I Love music, therefore I would love to own an ipod someday.I love the computer, and that I can do things like blogging on it.
I love Texas Roadhouse food...yum.

I love spray on tans, and that I don't have to get skin cancer to have a nice bronzy color.....
Then I can look good wakeboarding.
I love to dance.
I love to ski.
I love watching friends.
Christian Bale is hot!
Alex is hot too!
I love swimming pools.
I love riding my bike, and bringing my kids along with me.

I love white water rafting.
This is my favorite drink. I love chocolate, almost in any form.
This is my favorite flower, so if you ever want to get me is the stargazer lily.