Monday, August 11, 2008

Joust N' Bounce

Saturday evening we took a little bike ride to our neighborhood "block party"! We laid down our blanket, and as usual, Mycah went straight for whatever food she could get her hands on. She started with someones cup of coolaid....of course dumping it down her first. Then I got her a hot dog, which she ate with some macaroni salad. She then moved on to a bag of Cheetos and whatever else was laying around.....funny kid.

Dejah of course didn't touch any of her food and spent almost the entire time on the big jumper house. There was a big connecting water slide which she had a blast on.

Next....The Jousting. My neighbor Heidi and I were the only girls to attempt the fun. It was pretty tiring. I was winded.

Here is Alex getting ready to JOUST!

Down he goes.......

and again....and again....No he did good, but these were the best shots.


  1. Anna- You live in a really cool neighborhood! We don't even know our neighbors!

  2. That looks like a ton of fun. What a fun neighborhood.

  3. I love those inflatable party toys! My favorite is the bunjee run. Looks like fun. See, your neighborhood isn't that retarded.

  4. How fun that your neighborhood does that!

  5. That's cool that your neighborhood did that. That sounded like lots of fun. Seriously Dejah never eats. Funny girl.