Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Some Randomness

1. YaY! Mycah, my little two year old will go poo in the big potty. I haven't been really working with her too much, but its been an exciting step. Of course I have to encourage her to try or she'll just go in her diaper. Anyway, I'm not pushing it too hard right now. She'll get there on her own time.

2. I had a little baby shower last Saturday. I don't really get into these things, but my Sister Heather and my Mom wanted to throw Melissa (other sister) and I a combined one since we are both having our first of the opposite sex. I got some really cute clothes to start me off with this little guy. Thanks to everyone who "gifted" it will start me off nicely.

3. I had a Dr. appointment today. I told him that I feel HUGE! He smiled and basically told me I am measuring right on point. Sigh. Sleep is hard. Bending over is hard. Holding Mycah is Really hard. Other things are hard :) I must say though. I really like my hormone levels. I'm not too emotional, and I feel pretty happy. I'm kind of dreading the "after baby" hormones, I get so "depressed". As for now, my biggest "downer" is my girls when they are being emotional. I've decided I need a "DAY OFF". I need a day to shop, and rot all to myself...and girl friends. A day to watch Chick Flicks, eat junk food, and not have to deal with fussy little girls. Any takers????

4. We are finally getting nice spring weather. With the exception of a few cold days here and there, I'm liking the high 50s and mid 60s.

5. Alex is done with homework for the Semester!!! Triple Yay!!! Now just a few more weeks and he'll be done with work for the summer!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Watch the Tantrum for Yourself

Honestly, I'm not quite sure what to do about these crazy tantrums that Mycah has. I really am just trying to ignore them, but its is pretty difficult. They happen quite a bit, nothing is really working perfectly. The only time I use the "cold shower" is if she is literally OUT OF CONTROL. Watch this tantrum...this is all over the fact that I won't pick her up...I think? :) After a few minutes she gave up and just sat there and drank her apple juice, now she's finally off playing with Dejah.

The other day we took the girls out to Primos Pizza then picked up some ice cream on the way home. Here is Alex sharing his Banana Split with Mycah. She was lovin it!

See that smile...I know there is a happy child in there somewhere.Here is Dejah and all her messiness. I just can't resist those blue eyes of hers.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Amazing Deal!

So today My sister Heater is in town for my Baby Shower. Since my Mom is so busy, she put my sister to the task of getting me some baby clothes. This is my first boy, so I pretty much have NOTHING! So anyway, I thought I'd join her for the shopping trip. I about ruin the surprise, BUT I'm ok with not being surprised, and I really like the idea of picking out the clothes myself. So shopping it was! First stop...Old Navy! Selection...crappy...prices....crappy. We left. Next stop, used clothing store Kid to Kid. Selection...good...prices...really good, but used. We picked some cute/unused looking outfits then left. Next stop, Target. Selection...not great...prices Ok to crappy. Got a couple things then left. Last stop, Carter's Outlet! Selection...Amazing...prices...Amazing! They are having a summertime sell!!! So many choices I couldn't believe it! So head on over to Carter's, you won't beat the prices even at Walmart! Two weeks only! Yay for me! Lots of really cute new outfits for my little guy.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I MUST be Crazy!

Some of you may already know that I've gone "Crazy" over the flower thing. I'm not sure but I'm thinking that my "nesting syndrome" has reverted itself toward making my outdoors a "haven" for relaxation rather than preparing my house for baby. Anyway, I wanted to take pictures as I go, but since I am a lone pregnant lady doing this project almost all by myself, all I can give you is the semi-end results. So down below is my project in its almost finished state. The two boxes to the right I bought lumber, cut and nailed together all by myself. I laid in a layer of ground cloth and had some manly help getting my soil to the back. I then soaked the soil and planted TONS of bulbs that Love the shade and a few annuals. The two boxes to the left, I had help from my fab Husband.
Each box is about 8 feet long, 2 feet deep.
The two boxes on the side are also FULL of bulbs, but "sun loving", and a few more annuals.

This next box was my first "garden box". I had all kinds of veggies and flowers planted, but I never did a thing with the vegetables. So this year, this box is now a Strawberry Box. My Dad gave me some Strawberry starts and I planted them in here.
Here is one of those starts. I'm not sure if they are going to thrive or not, we'll see.
Now onto the front of my house. A couple years ago Alex and I did ALOT of work laying ground cloth and rock and also planting some nice flower bushes. We planted Rhododendrons and they are NOT my goal was to transplant them to the back yard in the shade where they'd get plenty of water. In their place I put in ROSES! It took me One hour per transplant! :) Crazy huh?

Here is the ONE Rhododendron I left in place. It seems to be doing ok. I decided that my plants don't like all that rock surrounding them, so I moved the rock aside, slightly tilled up the soil and put some fertilizer and mulch around them.
I also added some "bleeding hearts" to the front.
Today I found an AMAZING deal on Geranium Starts and Fuscia starts for 25cents a piece. I bought 20 of each and basically spent $10 on 40 beautiful starts. These next two pictures are what they should look like later on this summer.
Ok, so now you can tell me if you think I'm crazy. Truly though, my energy needs to be directed somewhere. I can't just sit around and wait for this baby to come or I'll get depressed. Oh ya, if any of you know where I could get a nice used patio umbrella and chairs for a great deal, I'm all ears :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Summer, Fall, Winter, Sp???....Summer?

"All Right Folks! Whats the deal??? Shouldn't there be Spring somewhere in those FOUR seasons?" "Argghh Matey...I'll take the heat!"
I'm just wondering how to balance indoor/outdoor activities.
So we had Cold Weather, NOW we have HOT...HOT weather!
Is it really APRIL?
Cousin Chase and Dejah seem to be liking this heat.
My Sister and I took our kids to the park at 10:00. We hoped our "early" arrival would save us from the tortuous heat forcasted today.
The kids had a fun time. The first half hour was great.
Then I started MELTING! I'm just wondering if Boise is the only place that skipped Spring all together? We were in the 50's with rain and cold wind, Now we're in the Mid 80's and full sun. This weekend its supposed to cool down to the 50's again with rain...again.

So really I'm hoping we can have some nice weather in the 60's and low 70's. Because at this rate I am doomed to become House Bound...and that is something I will have a hard time with.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Oh the pain! First off, these are not my veins...but mine do look very similar. I'll just keep my lovely legs to myself until this is over. I have around 6 weeks left to go. I am so excited to finally see an end in sight. Anyway, today my veins hurt. When they hurt my energy level and drive take a DIVE! Lately I have been so full of energy and excitement for the spring. Last week I took a "SCREAMING" Mycah to the grocery store. Then went to Home Depot to buy lumber for some Large flower boxes in my back yard. I cut and built them. I've been on a roll! Today I think its all hitting me. I want to get outside and work on my flowers more, but the veins just won't let up, so I guess I have to take it easy until Alex can help me.
Ok so onto my little Dejah. Have any of you heard of Fatigue and Constipation being related? The reason I ask is because Dejah has been sitting around here like a little sick pup! Lazy, Lazy, Lazy. She won't play, won't eat, you name it. She mentioned that her poop was hurting a couple days ago, so I started making sure she was getting some juice and plenty of water. I "made" her go today, and now after about 15-20 minutes, she's playing. Finally! Anyway, I wasn't sure. I think I need to get my girls to eating better. This will be a challenge because I'm going to have to do the same. 6 more weeks.....I'll just keep telling myself that.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

A New Addiction

First off, I don't claim to be any sort of a photographer. In fact MOST of my pictures turn out terrible. So lately I've been trying my hand at "Photo Editing". My camera is good, but not great. It came with some cheap freebee version of photo editing software. I have those pictures that are really nice, but not Fabulous! Here are some photos I've done some "touch ups" on.

And My Favorite. I LOVE this stuff! I can't take pictures, but I LOVE to edit and see what I can do with the pictures.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cold Shower!

Have you ever had a Two year old in such a screaming fit that there is "no communication possible", no punishment that "works", no way to stop the agony in your ears? Lately, Mycah has been doing just that! It may be for no reason at all. It may be because she didn't get what she wants. It comes from nowhere and doesn't stop. She gets into this screaming tantrum and no matter what you do it doesn't "fix" anything. The other day, I don't really remember what set it off, but the scream fest began. I decided to do my best just to ignore her and not even acknowledge the pathetic behavior. I timed it....45 MINUTES!! Solid screaming! No joke. And if you've ever heard Mycah's scream you will know it is extremely loud and difficult to ignore. Well you'd think my "avoiding" her got her to figure it out....NOPE. Yesterday it was getting so old I decided to use an old trick that my Brother and Sister-in-Law used on their daughter when she would get like this. A COLD SHOWER! When Dejah got like totally worked. As shocking as it may seem, and as cruel as it may sound, I'm telling you IT WORKS! You take them to the shower and stick them in clothes and all. So I tried it on Mycah. She screamed, she hated it, I told her to stop screaming and I would take her out...and wouldn't you know it....she stopped. I wrapped her in a towel, gave her some love and told her that we don't scream, and that she needed to used her words. I must say Mycah knows how to live those "terrible twos". I can handle a fit. I prefer time-out, but when nothing works, this is the method. They remember it. If the behavior starts, all I have to do is threaten a cold shower and she'll just move on to a fuss where I can "communicate" with her. I think I only had to do it twice with Dejah and she totally got it. Anyway, being a parent can be difficult, but I love my kids. It will be fun adding a boy to the mix. Hopefully he will be less "emotional" than my girls.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Pics

Saturday we went to the Kuna Easter Egg Hunt! Mycah was not in a good mood...I'm sure she was just tired and hungry.
She perked up for some Easter eggs, but only lasted about 6 eggs.
Dejah was READY!
When the lady said GO, she took off! Here she is at the end.

After the Easter Egg Hunt, we took the girls to JB's for some yummy breakfast.
After that, we went Downtown (Boise) to the BSU library so Alex could get some books. We had an enjoyable time walking the beautifully landscaped campus.
Easter Sunday the girls got all dressed up. Again Mycah was not in a very good mood so we have no smiles from her.

All in all. It was a good Easter weekend that continues on to Monday....more pics coming soon!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Jumpin Into Spring!

This is my yard now. At least part of it. What you are looking at is my ugly, boring fence line along the back, that has been ripped to shreds by the dumb neighbor dogs. I have very high hopes for this fence line though. And with my spring fever also comes a desire to do something about it. This next fence line is something I'd like to aspire to. Not only would my plants be safe from digging dogs, but it would be much easier to keep the weeds out.
The fence line in the next picture also gives you an idea of something I may like to try. It would probably be cheaper not to build up a box like the previous picture, but again I'm afraid the neighbor dogs my ruin anything I try along the fence.
Anyway, yesterday there was no way I was going to stay cooped up in my house. I drove to my Sister-in-Law Mitzi's house and kidnapped her for some "flower shopping".
First Stop K-Mart! What a great deal we found. They were selling bags of bulbs for cheep!! Here are my purchases from yesterday!

20 Tiger Flower Bulbs $2.99
12 Petunia Plants (Home Depot) .50 Cents each
6 Snap Dragons (Home Depot) .50 Cents Each
40 Gladiola Bulbs (KMart) $7.99
20 Freesia Bulbs $2.99
2 Bags of 20 Bulbs Dutch Iris $2.99 each
And My most Favorite Flower of all!
7 Bulbs of Stargazer Lilies $7.99
I am going to attempt to also transplant my Rhododendrons from the front rock beds to the back so that they can get more water. We planted them a couple summers ago and they just are not growing very well. Lets really hope they don't die, because I LOVE them!
I also need to move my 8 Tulip Bulbs out of my mostly empty garden box and transplant them to somewhere else.......because......I have Strawberries! My dad gave me some Strawberry Plants that need to get planted ASAP. Since they pretty much "take over" where ever they are, I am going to put them in that fairly empty box. They will get plenty of water and LOTS of Sun!So Now you've seen what I want to do. Lets see if I can get it done SOON!