Friday, February 27, 2009

Toddler Size Bunk Beds....Finished!

We are finally finished with the Bunk Beds! Yay! I think they turned out great! And my Dad did a FABULOUS job designing and building them.
We got them put together on Wednesday afternoon. It was actually harder to connect them, because my Dad built the pieces to fit tightly together. So after I primed and painted they didn't want to connect. We slipped soap on the connecting pieces and Alex (with all his manly muscles), somehow got them tightly connected.
I am having Mycah sleep on the top bunk, and Dejah on the bottom. Reason you say?? Dejah gets up in the middle of the night sometimes to go to the bathroom, and I don't want Mycah getting out of bed yet. I know she could if she really wanted to, but so far my strategy is working.
Here is a picture of the Bunk Bed without the supporting crossbar at the top. My Dad designed it so that bar could come off and on when needed.
Here is a picture of the supporting crossbar on and Dejah's princess curtains up.
Lastly, here is a picture side-by-side with the crossbar and without.

Our first night went fairly well. Mycah wasn't sure about sleeping up there. She wanted me to put the bed back on the floor like before. She eventually gave up that night and slept great. I'm really glad I got the girls used to sleeping in the same room first. It has made the transition a breeze! When I get the room all finished I will post more pictures. So until then, I'll catch ya all later.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mycah's Birthday Party

Last night we celebrated Mycah's 2nd Birthday. We didn't really want to make it a big deal so we invited Grandma and Grandpa over to join us. We sang Happy Birthday...which Mycah happily joined in on. Then she opened a few gifts. We served cupcakes which turned out to be the funnest part of all. Mycah shoved that thing in her mouth so hard she was COVERED in frosting. We had a good time!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Mycah!..and a bunk bed sneek peek

Here is the picture of their empty room and the new sheer green curtains that Alex picked out. This is the bunk bed taken apart. I just finished priming it, and it still needed paint.
Here are the two toddler beds put together with bedding. The bunk can be seperated into two beds or stacked....more pictures coming when I am finished.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Our Biggest Day Ever!!

I want ALL of YOU to post your favorite wedding and engagement photos! Spread the Love! And answer the following questions and pair them with a photo if possible!
1. Wedding Date
2. Where did you get married
3. How long did you date / were engaged
4. Were you a Bridezilla
5. Wedding colors
6. How many bridesmaids
7. Where did you honeymoon
8. Where was your reception
9. Is there anything you regret or would like to redo
10. Did you save your cake top and eat it on your first anniversary
11. How long have you been married NOW

Married on March 22, 2003
Married in the Boise Temple

Dated: 6 Months
Engaged: 2 of that 6

A Bridezilla??? I had to look up the term, and the definition I got was: "A generic term for a difficult Bride". So I'm pretty sure that would be a NO WAY. I wore white flip flops with bling! Borrowed the wedding dress. Had an informal "open house" and No cake all the evening before the wedding so we'd have the day to ourselves. Bridzilla??? I think not.
Wedding Colors: What you see is our "colors", mixed with some RAIN! (which you don't see)
Bridesmaids: None, but I did have two of my Favorite Friends come join me for my day.

Honeymoon: Oregon Coast

Reception? No reception. We had an open house at the Two Rivers Club House in Eagle. Alex and I wore our dress up stuff, but there were no lines, tuxes, cakes, ect.....

Regrets??? Or Changes I'd like to make?
The only thing I'd change is getting to experience it again!
(No Picture)
The Cake top??...NO cake.
We served Fruit Cups and tons and tons of Cookies. I think I got to taste a couple, they were YUMMY!

We have been married now for nearly 6 Years!!! Wow!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Would you like some Whine with that Sneeze?

Oh the headache! Sick kids + Pregnant Mom does NOT = Bliss. So somehow, my kids came down with something nasty. I don't even know what to call it. All I know is that it started with Mycah and a runny nose. Then it turned into a little horse cough, followed by a NASTY Fever, sleepless nights, and constant Mommy holding. Then of course as most Nasty sicknesses go, it got passed right onto Sister Dejah. Who got even a worse Fever and more sleepless nights. Believe it or not, I can handle a sick kid. I really do feel bad for them. The Sleepless nights are hard on me, but the hardest thing of all.....WHINING GIRLS! Oh the whining. It seems to never end. In fact the best way to get them to stop is to GET OUT! Yesterday morning (after getting about 3 1/2 hours of sleep), we decided to make our way to my Dad's house to pick up our bunk bed. Yay its done! (Well kind of) Anyway, Gabe and Christy were going to the Zoo around lunch time to enjoy some of the early Sunshine, so we decided to join them. I felt we'd be safe not getting others sick if we were just outside walking around. It was really nice. The weather was a bit chilly but still good. Today we are missing church because I have my girls' crud, and they are just not better yet. And the Whining?? I wish I could post a video, its pretty much a constant annoyance. Lets top it off with loss of appetite. My skinny girls are shriveling away to nothingness because they just won't eat. I'm hoping this will all pass soon, and that I won't get their nasty fever too. Today we are going to put the bunk bed pieces together, and tomorrow I will start priming while Alex is at work. I will try to get pictures of the progress.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


For the past 2 1/2 weeks I have been completely without a car. Now you'd think that with a family that owns THREE vehicles that I would at least have ONE available to me. Sadly this is not true. You see....the Truck, its getting a new coat of paint down at Boise State. Since it is being done by students, it takes longer than normal. It will probably be in there for the rest of the semester. Our little car (which is the one Alex is supposed to be driving to and from work), is also in the shop down at Boise State, getting dumb leaks fixed. It has been there now for 2 1/2 weeks, which means Alex has been taking the Van to and from work every day! Leaving me CAR-LESS! Talk about cabin fever! When its winter, and too cold to go outside, the only thing to do is drive somewhere or find something to do in the house. Honestly I'm getting a bit sick of it. I JUST NEED OUT!

Mycah has been a little sick the last couple of days. Somehow she's come down with a little cold. Her nose is really runny today, and she has a really dry horse cough. On top of that I think that she has a little fever. Who knows where that all came from. At least she's still playing instead of bugging me constantly to hold her.
I am currently 24 weeks along in this pregnancy which means I have about 3 1/2 months left. I am feeling the little guy moving around alot more, which is exciting. I'm probably going to go see a vein specialist soon about my varicose veins. Apparently she likes it when pregnant moms come in, because she can get a better idea of what is going on. This makes total sense to me. Just recently my veins have been BULGING way more than ever. Even more than when I was pregnant with Mycah. They are very uncomfortable, and my "support hose" give me little relief. I know that they won't be able to do any "treatment" until I'm done having kids, but this will head me in the direction of eventual recovery. I'm pretty sure I will only have one more kid after this one since this problem gets worse with each pregnancy. belly (and everything else) is expanding. Bending over is getting tougher. Walking is much slower. Sitting or standing too long is also getting harder. Dinner???? Forget it. We've been living on breakfast for a month now! With all this said. I cannot WAIT for him to come. I love our kids, and love they joy they bring to our family.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Building a Toddler Bunk

First off, I just have to say that I have the most amazing parents in the Whole World! They literally bend over backwards for their kids. My Mom and my Dad both work full time jobs, serve in the Church, and have so many "projects" and daily things to do, I truly wonder if they EVER relax. So when I asked my Dad about building a toddler bunk for my girls, my intentions were mostly curiosity about how difficult or time consuming it would be to build. He looked at the picture I had shown him and said he could probably do it in a day. That made me really excited, so the project began. Lets just say "a day" was WAY off the radar. For the past 2 to 3 weeks my Dad has been spending EVERY spare minute to build this thing. I have been feeling awful for putting my parents through this. I know my Dad loves doing this stuff, but I still feel bad. Anyway, yesterday morning we loaded up the girls and drove out to Middleton where my Grandparents live. My Grandpa has a huge shop that my Dad has been using to build our "little undertaking". We sanded, screwed and glued. Here are some pictures of our day. My Dad started this thing with unfinished raw wood. So just getting it all planed out and smooth was a job in itself.
Of course, I was COLD and nicely bundled up.

Here is some of the area we were working in.

After my Grandparents left, the girls had to come out to the shop. It was hard to keep them completely entertained, so they played in the truck and camper.

Here is Alex and my Dad "gluing and screwing" boards.

My Dad is so picky and precise with measurements it literally took hours to put the end-boards on the posts!
I left around 1:30 to take Mycah to my Mom's so she could get a nap. While we were gone, Alex and my Dad got a ton finished!
We called it quits around 4:30 because Alex and I had a Valentines Date to the BSU basketball game planned. My Mom also needed help from my Dad to watch my Sister's kids. So we left the bed unfinished. It is SOOOOOO close to being done, but not there yet. I guess we'll just have to wait a little longer. Again, Thankyou soooo much Mom and Dad for all that you do. We owe you big time!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Attention All Decorators!!! Help!

Ok, so I 've pretty much finished painting today. All the White has been "refinished" and I think its at a point where I can stop painting. Here is the best shot I could get. Since the room is SOOO Bright, most my pictures just showed a washed out color.Now for the Decorating part! I've decided to put up some Decals/Vinyl on one of the main walls, and possibly some flowers scattered about (shown in the picture below). Now, this is NOT MY WALL, nor the flowers I have chosen, but, it gives you an idea of what I'm thinking.
I have a friend who does Vinyl as a side business, so I had a look at some of her stuff. Here is her Info if any of you want it. I will be showing some of her stuff below and maybe you all can help me decide what to put up on my Girls' wall.

Here are the colors I was thinking.....FYI, they didn't show up on the picture the way I want, so the colors are Pink, Green, and light Yellow with Maybe some White lettering.

There are Tons more! But out of these, which would you choose?? Monday is OUR DAY to put the room all together. Please help! I am no decorator and need some good advice.