Saturday, September 26, 2009

Kinda Corny!

We have this AWESOME family in our ward that owns the Corn Maze out here in Kuna! So every year they allow everyone in the Ward to come and bring friends to the Corn maze, plus get a scone all for FREE! This is the first time we've done it and it was a BLAST! There is so much there for kids to do. We didn't get pictures of everything, but the fun included:

The corn maze (there is a small route for those who don't want to venture the miles inside)

A Cow train


A mini maze of Hay Bails for wee ones

a Huge air jump

A big "corn box" ( corn kernels instead of sand)

A Hay ride

Pumpkin Patch


An entertainment Ring (singers and performers)

and more more more.....

We didn't do everything, but we had an absolute BLAST!


  1. Everyone in the ward plus friends HELLO! No, but really that looked like tons of fun.

  2. Looks like we missed out on some FUN!!! I had a total blast watching the Kuna Kavemen lose yet another football game. Should have went by myself to the Corn Maze.

  3. How fun! I miss corn mazes, and a corn box?? How fun is that!

  4. Very Fun! That looks like such a cool place!

  5. Anna,

    You should upload some of your photos to facebook and enter our photo contest. There's a CASH prize!!!