Monday, September 28, 2009

4 MonthsToday

I can't believe it! My baby is 4 months old today! I don't know where the time goes!

Here are some things about my little guy.

He is so big, he's stretching out of his 6mo. clothing.

He is a mama's boy and preferrs that I hold him.

He loves to talk to me.

He's not much with the loud laughter...just a huge smiley grin with his mouth gaping open.

He loves to suck on his fingers or Nuk.

If he's upset, the best way to calm him is to throw a blanket over his face, or lay him on his tummy.

He's decided he needs to wake up at least three times in the night so that I can give him his nuk.

He will only sleep 8 hours at night (usually 8 to 3 or 4)

He loves to watch his sisters play, but doesn't really like them messing with him.

He's bald, he's chubby, and I love him to pieces.

Here is some really funny video of Alex trying to feed him Rice cereal, and another of Logan trying to figure out the rattle.


  1. I can't believe it's seriously been that long! Wow and could he be any more chubby and adorable?! I was going to call you today for Malia to play with Dejah, but she was acting kind of funny and then she threw there you have it.haha BUt I still wanna hang out sometime!

  2. Okay, those videos of Alex feeding Logan made me laugh my head off...I don't even know why. I think Dejah's giggling in the background kinda helped as well. That was way cute.

  3. Looks like fun with a little boy at your house. Good luck with the cereal eating. That's awesome Alex got to be there to experience it.