Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Have you ever gone to a fast food joint and wind up not getting what you ordered??? Well, I have. The most disappointing part is when you arrive home before realizing it. Anyway, Last night for our FHE, we took our girls to the park and to the ONLY fast food joint in Kuna (Arctic Circle) for ice cream. They have these courtesy cones that are free with a purchase of anything. So Alex proceeded to order my fav....a Chocolate Ice Cream Milk shake with yummy crunchy Butterfinger mixed in. Yum you say??? Yah, if they would get it right! I honestly can't tell you how many times they have screwed up this order. For some stupid reason they can't seem to comprehend that Chocolate Ice Cream, and Vanilla Ice cream mixed with icky chocolate syrup is NOT THE SAME!!! It doesn't taste the same, so why do that??? Especially when specified..."Chocolate Ice Cream Shake"!!? I am so annoyed! Can you tell? :) So this is my "complaint blog" to all of you fast food joints that can't figure it out!....especially Kuna. Or maybe a better idea....I should just quit going out for sweet indulgences! That imitation icky version of a yummy shake will sit in my freezer till my kids decide to eat it.


  1. I say throw over artic circle - I agree - ick!

  2. haha this cracks me up because everytime Steve and I go to Dairy Queen (very frequently) He orders cookiedough and health bar blizzard with chocolate syrup and I order Cookie Dough blizzard with no chocolate syrup. They always get my orde right and screw his up. I think the maddest I've ever seen steve was when they had done it for like the 10th time. He chucked his blizzard out the window at the Dairy Queen. It was scary to watch but hilarious now.

  3. I just hate arctic circle all around - blah!