Friday, September 11, 2009

MY 9-11

I've been thinking alot about my strengths and weaknesses. Mostly my weaknesses. Anyway, I thought I'd share some in a 9-11 sort of way.

So here are NINE weaknesses.

1. I am NOT a morning person.

-This is something I really wish I could change. I don't think I get good quality sleep (and even if I do), if I have to wake up to an alarm clock or crying baby...or child who is ready to be up, my whole body aches. I am literally in pain and get a huge headache right off the bat. My body screams at me to crawl back in bed. If I could sleep solid from 10:30 to 8am it would be ideal.

2. I come across as stuck up.

-I've been told many times by good friends that when they first met me, they thought I was stuck up. My senior year of High School I didn't get asked to Prom...a good guy friend told me the guys were intimidated by me.....what??? Anyway, I promise you I am not. It is my "shy streak" coming through. NOT confidence. You may not think I'm shy, thats because its taken me alot of practice to step out of my comfort zone to talk to people I don't know. Still, I have a tendency to keep to myself and that is TOTALLY my shy side. I fear judgment. I love making friends though and love to socialize once I've gotten comfortable with someone.

3. I don't eat well.

- I don't know what happened, but ever since I had Dejah my appetite for food has gone down. Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE food! But my hunger triggers decide when I eat. If I don't feel hungry, I don't eat. When I feel hungry, I like to eat junk or yummy food. Once I feel satisfied...I stop. I need a more balanced diet...maybe I'd feel better if I did.

4. I hate to cook.

- If I could eat out everyday...I totally would! (I'd probably also gain a ton of weight) I dread dinner time everyday because it requires preparation, cooking, feeding kids, and tons of clean up afterwards....ick!

5. I spend most days in soft, loose, baggy clothing, with my hair pulled back and NO make-up on.

- Getting "pretty" every day takes too much work! I am usually at home all day and see NO-ONE but my kids. Alex doesn't get home till right before bed time, so why spend time just to undo it at the end of the day?

6. I am NOT funny.

- I've never claimed to be an entertainer to the crowds. This is one thing I wouldn't mind being better at. I always admire the person who is outgoing and makes people laugh with their witty personality. Again, I tend to sit to the side and just listen.

7. I am Opinionated.

- This is inherited by my Dad! Sometimes I'm being opinionated about something and I don't even know it. So if you are ever in a conversation with me and I am spouting off about something you may not completely agree with, just know I am not trying to belittle you or your ideas, its totally me being me...and I'm probably not aware that I'm even doing it.

8. I Stress about Money.

- If I have to confront budget issues or get real with money, I stress so bad I won't eat or sleep well. It makes me want to vomit and I get a HUGE headache. I try really hard not to let it get to me, and just do my best to combat it. I don't need much. I can live on very little. But if I have to think about money, I am a stressed person. This is why Alex does the bills.

9. I am NOT physically healthy.

- I don't like to exercise unless it is in the form of recreation. This is too bad, because I think if I worked out regularly, not only would I feel better, but I'd be one HOT MaMa :)

OK, Now ELEVEN strengths!

1. Once a Friend, Always a friend!
2. I am really good at Forgiving. I will forgive Anyone!
3. I Love all my Family! In laws included! And I love spending time with them.
4. I'm a good "baker' of goodies
5. I think I'm easy going
6. I don't need a bunch of "stuff" to feel good
7. I can sing. (or I used to be able to :) )
8. I Love to serve
9. I will go out with out make-up or hair done, and I don't care.
10. I won't judge anyone's choice of religion, and I'm willing to share any info about mine to those who are curious.
11. I have been EXTREMELY blessed by the Lord to be surrounded by amazing kids, husband, parents, siblings, in-laws and friends...and guess what...I have so much room for more!


  1. I love the post. I love when people share things about themselves. Why didn't you ever sing in church...:)?
    Did you somehow link into my weaknesses and copy them down?
    I think you're great! Always very kind and thoughtful. We should have become friends sooner!

  2. I am NOT a morning person either! You just about hit that comment right on the head for me. How in the world can people pop out of bed early and be so dang cheery?? I have NEVER said "Good Morning" to anyone first, EVER! I don't get it ;)