Monday, April 21, 2008

Our Weekend

We had a fairly good weekend considering the weather. Saturday morning Alex and I had a nice little date to the Temple. When we got home we decided to take the girls to a really old Hot Springs Pool that I used to go to when I was a kid, called Given's Hot Springs. It only took us about a 1/2 hour to get there from Kuna. OK so I need to explain something about this Hot Springs. It is owned and run by some relatives of mine. When I was a kid it wasn't anything glorious to look at, kind of run down. Well things haven't changed much. It is still old and a bit run down. It is in the middle of nowhere (which might explain the abundance of "Large" people there). Despite the distance and the expense, the girls had a very good time. The pool was very warm and not too deep in the kiddy side. With all that fun we probably won't be going back there again. When we got home we went to help Alex's Brother Gabe get some things moved out of their garage and into their new home. We are so excited for them, it has been a long process with many road blocks. After that we enjoyed some yummy food at Chilie's. Sunday we hung out at my mom's. Here is a picture of Mycah jamming out on the piano.


  1. Fun weekend! Isn't it interesting how places that hold childhood memories change even if they don't 'change'? I had a similar experience with a mountain park my family used to go to. The dirt road is paved and it is surrounded by houses and golf courses (which Darren doesn't mind) so it is no longer in the middle of nowhere. The park hasn't changed, but somehow it is closer to the city than it was before...

  2. So I'm confused at how your explanation of large people is because they are in the middle of nowhere. How do you figure? Just curious. I just remembered I can watch The Hills online right now. Sweet.

  3. Thanks again for yours and alexs help last weekend! I cant believe I still havent been out to see your house! Gabe and i will have to have a date and come visit. funny story: last night there was this gross smell in the kitchen and I looked and looked to see where it was coming from...and then I found those dandelions dejah had picked and they were brown and SO DISGUSTING floating in a cup on the table! So funny! I was really glad it wasnt a moldy leftover from the last guy that lived here!