Friday, June 27, 2008

New Features

So every once and a while, blogger comes up with new features to use in your blog. I noticed one that I wanted to give a try. Now my blog lists for friends and family will show the most reciently updated listed first. It was supposed to give the dates of the update but for some reason my background page won't allow it, so you will just get the title. Also I've shut off the music. You can click the play button if you want to listen. Last, I LOVE Tetris! Its at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!


  1. The girls usual bed time is at 7:00 so that is nothing new for them. Lately for Tegan it has been a little later, but not much. This morning they did wake up early, but it wasn't bad.

  2. Love the tetris widget! You'll have to show me, or I could probably figure it out by now, since it's on your blog. Love the lake pictures too....I wish I would have thought to bring the camera. But we're taking pictures at the reunion tomorrow so that we can make a post about that. Caleb sure had fun tonight!