Sunday, January 4, 2009

Beal Happenings

I don't really have much to blog about. You'd think with all the "festivities" there would be tons of stories. Truthfully, we are just enjoying having Alex home. He still has a week and a half off before he goes to the crazy hustle and bustle of school and work. We have been doing a lot of cleaning and "de-cluttering". We've spent many days with family which is way fun for me, but I think Alex is done going to my mom's for a while...which is totally understandable. We got our girls sleeping in the same room now. Mycah cried about it for a 1/2 hour the first night. Ok so she "screamed" about it. She really didn't want Dejah in there, but everything is good now and we have it working pretty good. The next "bump" will be getting Mycah to sleep in a toddler bed. I really like that she can't get out. So we'll see how that goes. My pregnancy seems to be moving along. I'm around 17 weeks (4mo's ish). I feel the baby move every once and a while, but not too much. My baby bump is still a bump...which I'm ok with, but apparently I guess weight gain is "necessary", so we'll see what the Dr. says about that in a few weeks. I don't really have much of an appetite, I'm just NOT hungry the way I think I should be. I eat, but not much more than I ever did before. Who knows? Whatever. I'm really excited to find out what we are having. It should be at my next appointment. Well everyone. I hope your holidays were great. See ya next time.


  1. The next few months will be very exciting and I look forward to hearing all about them. We are also excited to hear what your having.
    The girls sharing a room is a big step for the whole family, big change too. Good luck with the toddler bed. Haylee has one she sleeps in sometimes, she has never actually fallen asleep there. We are old and tired. =$

  2. Wow, I can't believe that you're that far along already. The second trimester always flies by for me, too bad the third seems to drag on forever! Good luck with your pregnancy.