Friday, January 16, 2009

Picture Tag!...and you think You're embarrassed!

What is the CURRENT CONDITION of Your HOUSE????
Lets just say....Mitzi....this was good. You have no idea how tempted I was to clean up first. I hate a messy house. I am usually a very "clean" person, but today, I'm a very tired "prego" person that has had ZERO energy! So judge not, you will NEVER see my house in this state again. I decided to just be brave and do it anyway. So here is my very embarrassing tag.
#1. Laundry room (no biggie)
#2. Alex's Closet and My closet (I rarely keep this part of my house clean, and you can tell who the really organized person of the house is)

#3. Self Portrait (Lucky for me the one thing I did today was shower/shave/and do my makeup though...dang it)
#4. Kitchen Sink (again, no biggie)
#5. Fridge (not too embarrassing)
#6. My Favorite Shoes
(I haven't bought myself new shoes in YEARS (embarrassing), but I bought these last winter so I could tromp around in the snow with my kids. So basically during the "cold season" this is all I wear! Yes, unattractive, but very comfy and warm, which is what I really need.)
#7. What My kids are Currently Doing.
(This is what they were doing during my Shower. Some kind of fort beneath the recliner.)
This is what they were currently doing while I took pictures. Eating Lunch in front of PBS Calliou. They LOVE that show!
#8. My Favorite room in the House.
This would be my Living Room ( NOT when my girls have had Free Rein all morning ).
#9. My Bathrooms.
EMBARRASSING! Mind you I just got finished showering/shaving/and doing my hair. I really hate those icky blue counter tops too!
#10. My Least Favorite Room in the House.
(I added this one)
The Kitchen!!! I hate cooking!...and it always needs cleaned!!! Because cooking is unavoidable when you have a family to feed.
Ok Folks! That's it. Now I DARE you to do this tag....and No Cheating. Must be AS IS. I wasn't so lucky this time.


  1. No way am I doing this tag. Your home looks like something out of Better Homes and Gardens compared to what mine looks like. :) Sorry.

  2. Anna your house looks amazing but if you would like when I get home from work I will take some pictures. Rest assured my place looks way worse than yours.

  3. Your house looks totally fine. You guys have totally rearranged your front room. You probably did that a million years ago but I think the last time we came to your house was memorial day. That's pretty pathetic.

  4. You house isn't dirty at all, that's what my house looks like when I spend the day cleaning!

  5. Well, I was gonna say you sure don't have much to be embarrassed about, but it seems I'm not the first to think so!! Even your mom has said your place is always spotless, and I agree! Congrats on a clean house on a short notice!

  6. if that is a messy house i would be embarrassed to post mine. i am usually really good about keeping everything super clean, but i must admit that with school things just have to be let go, and the house is the first thing to go in my busy schedule. you house looks great for an as is photo shoot.

  7. Wow, who comes up with these tags, that was a pretty good one. My house is not as bad as it could be, seeing how it is morining and Lydia hasn't had as much time to tornado through everything. And I loaded the dishwasher last night before i went to bed, so my kitchen is not totally repulsive. But my closet? yeah, I'm not taking a picture of that to remember forever. You can't even open one of the doors cause I have so much crap in front of it.
    Kudos to you!

  8. I love your picture tag! I would totally do this but I would be way too house is ALWAYS a disaster!

  9. There is no way in ____ I am doing this tag!!! Your home is my home on a good day. With three kids under five I am lucky when mine looks like yours.