Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pregnancy Update

Ok all. Its been a bit since my last hugely depressing post. I am on my way to being excited about this little thing growing inside. Thing #4 now has a heart beat, and is the size of the tip of a pen. You would never know by looking at my belly though. I'm either "showing", or haven't stopped "showing" from Thing #3 (Logan). P.S. There will be NO belly shots probably EVER. Not so attractive after 4. I have been feeling really tired. Nausea comes and goes, but hasn't really hit me full force. I get head aches and I'm kinda moody. I am also hungry hungry hungry. Eating is a must! Which is not normal for me. My selfish self is starting to give in to the beauty of a baby. I LOVE my babies! Their soft sweet smelling skin. Bald heads and little giggles are worth all of it. I will really be sad when its over. So big house or small, I will make it work. Girl or Boy, I will love it just the same. I pray for strength and health for me and the baby. I'll give a weekly baby update. So see ya'll next week.


  1. You look great! I feel the same way though! I like being prego for the fact I no longer have to suck my stomach in!!!!

  2. Glad to hear you're not as stressed. We're on baby no 4 and it's the first one we've actually planned. Everyone else was a surprise. It could be worse. Mikey and Xander are 11 1/2 months apart and Xander and Gavin are 15months. Oh and the best way to not go crazy stepping on toys...every time you step on one in your livingroom, throw it out. Eventually your kids get the hint...or they end up with a small amount of toys. Either way, the toys stay in their room after a while.

    I'm excited for you, Our kids are close together, and they LOVE each other. It's like built in best friends. Yeah sure sometimes I have to go save one of them because a brother locked him in a box, but thats par for the course. And you can think of it this way, you'll be younger than you thought you would be by the time you're kids grow up. I'm pullin for ya!

  3. I'm so excited that your preggers! One thing I have come to learn about being a mom and and all that jazz is babies come when you least expect them. Whether you want them or not, they come when they are supposed to;) You are beautimous my dear so don't worry about your body and whether it was back to its normal self, just rock it the way it is!