Monday, February 1, 2010

Cry It Out: Update

Ok, so its been about a week and a half since I took Logan's nuk away, and started making him "Cry it out" at night. He has actually done just fine without his pacifier. Naps are good, although he tends to sleep for 45m to and hour then he calls it good. Sometimes when I know he needs a longer nap I'll just leave him in bed crying until he goes back to sleep. Now for the nights. Believe it or not, he continues to wake up throughout the nights. My only remedy for that has been to have his door shut, and my door shut with the bathroom fan running. I just can't sleep when I hear him screaming. Sometimes he'll cry for an hour before going back to sleep. I feel bad because sometimes in the morning when I go get him he has a poopy diaper on, or all blankets are kicked off. This morning he was SOAKED all the way through AND poopy. I even checked him last night when he woke up crying at 1:30 in the AM. So my goal now is to put my little 8mo old into size 4 diapers at night. Maybe that will remedy the night overflows and also have him wear a One-see under his P.J.s so he won't get cold when he kicks off his blankets. Lets see if things improve.


  1. aren't boys just so clean and lovely?? :) Mine soaked themselves on a REGULAR basis (and still do) and it's no wonder they wake up cold! My only remedies have been to give them VERY (like none) limited milk/liquids after 6 pm (hard for an 8 mo. old) and to keep them in those footie jammies for bed. My kids wear them year round...
    I've also been known to double up the diaper at night. :) Reg size on bottom, larger on top.
    Glad you're getting some sleep though! Hope it continues to get better!

  2. We've been having the same problem with Corbin peeing through his diapers too. We will put two diapers on him and he will sometimes still be soaked. It's bad. I even tried putting a rubber liner over his diaper the other night and that didn't work at all. He had soaked everything down to his mattress. So today I bought him size 6 diapers to try at night. We'll see if that works. If not I think I will try the Huggies over night diapers. Corbin doesn't even drink anything after dinner and he still pees like crazy at night. Good times. I hear it's a boy thing.

  3. Oh man am I glad that I am not the only one! I keep getting up everytime Preston cries because I am sure he is wet. I tried going up a size, putting panty liners in there, and then finally Huggies Overnight. Would it surprise anyone that he's peed through those 2x in the last week? He doesn't drink a lot at night either, it's almost like he holds it. Yikes! I do a onesie, socks, and footed jammies. Works great.