Thursday, May 6, 2010

An Evening To Celebrate!

Last night Alex Graduated!

He recieved a Master of Science in Education- Adult/Organizational Learning and Leadership. (Yes its a mouth full)

From the Universisy of Idaho.

Its been a long time coming. He's been in so much school including our entire marriage. During which he recieve a Bachelor of Communications from Boise State University. He has been so dedicated and pulled all A's! All while helping me grow our family and his career. I am so proud of him and his accomplishment.

My Sister was so kind to take my two girls so that they wouldn't be bored out of their minds. Logan came with us. I'm sure my parents were greatful to get a break from the ceremony walking him around.

Here is the man himself!

Next is a couple pictures of Alex and two of his "Main" instructors.


Congrats Babe!


  1. Good job Alex. That is awesome!

  2. Congrats to Alex!! I'll bet you're soo happy to have him 'around' more!! And you look great anna!!

  3. We are so proud of you Alex and Anna. A great accomplishment for both of you!

  4. Congratulations! That is huge -- what an accomplishment.

  5. Congratulations Alex!! That's awesome!