Thursday, July 8, 2010

Oh So Random

Well this is going to be a pretty random post. Basically a whole lot of different stuff...not so deserving of their own post or pictures (sorry).

Alex took our girls camping last week to Silver Creek Plunge. It was just an overnighter. Not too big deal, but the girls had a blast. They went swimming, and sat by the camp fire till midnight. I guess Mycah got a bit fussy the next day, but who can blame her? Shes three and requires much more sleep. This trip kind of determined that Alex may not be taking her on the big Redfish trip next week. He will have a much more fun and relaxing time without her. He really deserves it too. He's been working so hard around here doing all the things I should be doing. Anyway, that one overnight camp-out just about put me in the loony house with Logan. He was so bored! He needed my constant attention, and I just don't have the mobility and energy for it. Wish me luck on next week!

I've decided that Gardening and Flowers is not a talent I thought I had. Pretty much everything around me dies! Whats up with that??? The only thing I can seem to keep alive is Petunias and Strawberries. No brainers! My rose bushes are DEAD! Two out of three Rhododendrons are DEAD! My beautiful Azalea bush...DEAD! NONE of my bulbs came up! I'm seriously flawed. I won't touch it this year, but next year....bye bye to all of it!

So we have this Gazebo thing in our back yard. We got a random wind gust that picked it up and tore the top off. Seriously bummed me out. Those canvases are not cheap and we have no other shade in the back yard. Thankfully I have a very talented mom who can fix almost anything and did a repair job on it.

Logan, Logan, Logan. Can I just say this kid has found his voice! He's decided that diaper changes are annoying and he wants to object EVERY time! This last Sunday, Alex took him into the men's restroom to change his diaper, I stayed in the chapel with the girls and we could hear him screaming all the way up to the pulpit! This is just one little challenge I am facing with him. Whenever I get to change his little bumm, I get kicked in the belly really hard until I'm done. He also finds it completely necessary to scream at me whenever I eat! No peace. None. Here is a list of things he'll throw a tantrum over: Diaper change, Me eating, Getting out of the bath, Changing clothes, He sees a bottle of milk and FREAKS OUT, wants to be held, wants in the drivers seat, wants Mommy, Mommy, Mommy. Oh the list. And can I just say....great timing.

Pregnancy. Hoping it will end between August 6th and 10th! That gives me 4-5 weeks to go. My nights are filled with....lack of air, serious hip pain, charlie horses, acid reflux (I'm sorry but it is no fun waking up to vomit in your mouth), the constant need to empty my blatter, stuffy nose, sore shoulders....and....ears??...wierd., constant discomfort, ahhh the joy.

Still no name for this baby girl. Its coming down to crunch time so suggestions are still welcomed.

One of my favorite things this summer. Every Tuesday instead of going to Burger King with friends (which was still totally fun ), we take the kids swimming! Such a blast. I swear if I were rich I could totally be a "pool snob", or as I prefer to call it, a poolside junkie. My kids could go for hours and I love watching them have fun.

Well I know this post has no order, but its kind of a journal thing, not expecting anyone to read it. But if you did, congrats for making it through the boredom.


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  2. Nash has been that way for about 3 months now... I totally hear ya, cuz it's killing me too. Of course, I'm not prego either. But he seriously freaks out over everything: me singing, me dancing, me going upstairs, me sitting down to eat, me vacuuming, me taking care of Cledi, me even looking at another baby, and so on and so on. I just don't understand how I'm 0 for 3 on getting a peaceful, compliant kid like I was.