Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Babies

Do you ever just want to blog, but don't really have anything new to say? I have really been feeling like that. My whole world right now is all baby. I feel so bad for my friends and family who have to see me constantly waddle, wince, and wine. I feel like it is also all I've really blogged about. I guess that's ok though. This is my FINAL pregnancy (if and I.U.D. does its job right). I might as well document it all.

So this past week has definitely been one FULL of ups and downs. I've had terrible days and I've had great days. My birthday was two days ago and I turned 32. I think I cried 1/2 of that entire day. All I wanted was to be absolutely pampered in every way by my husband (who I know has it in him), and I only got a dinner date. So combine that neediness with my moodiness, it wasn't the best day I've had. I have decided that Men really don't know what you want unless you "SPELL IT OUT". So next year Alex, expect a list. It will probably include things like...breakfast in bed, taking care of all the kids needs or sending them away for a day, taking me shopping, ect.. (just a preview)....Love you anyway for buying me a new bag and wallet and for the wonderful dinner.

Contractions? Not getting enough in my opinion. Its really effecting my mood, but what do you do? I can say one thing...ouch! My entire pelvis feels like it is going to BREAK. So she must be down there. My Dr. is out of town, so...maybe she is just waiting. I am currently two weeks ahead of my due date. Alex goes back to work next week. Booh on that cuz I REALLY need him.

Well, I think that's it for this post.

Here are some Pictures of My Babies when they were born.

Dejah Beal
Born in Laramie Wyoming
August 26, Six Years Ago
7lbs 10oz

Mycah Beal
Born in Boise Idaho
Febuary 25th, Three Years Ago
7lbs 10oz
Logan Alex Beal
Born in Boise Idaho
May 27th, One Year Ago
7lbs 10oz

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  1. Your kids have all been 7lbs 10 oz. That's pretty crazy. Just try to pretend your due date isn't until September and then you'll be pleasantly surprised. Wishful thinking I know.