Wednesday, August 11, 2010

You Don't Even Want To Know...

I can't eat. I can't sleep. I'm giving myself stress headaches. It consumes me. Through all this I think I've pretty much tried everything on the books that is known to self start labor. So, short of breaking my own water or using a dilation pill...I've done it all.

The Castor Oil wasn't that bad. I took two tablespoons with a shot of soda and it went right down. No problem. I didn't get too crampy. It cleaned me out a couple times. Had it put me in labor it would have made me happier. It obviously didn't do that.

Spicy Food, no go. Acupressure, no go. Pumping to stimulate contractions, no go. Lots and Lots of sex, no go...but a very happy husband. I've tried the trampoline, jumping-jax, walking, cleaning house, resting, I've even tried several times to stretch my own cervix. All of it producing no contractions that I could be proud of.

So! Today was the day. My final appointment with the Dr. before induction on Monday. I begged him to induce me Friday, but he was pretty serious about not being able to go more than a week early or he'd get into big trouble. Therefore, he stripped the membranes. I asked him to be as aggressive as possible. He checked me and I am currently dilated to a 3, and 70% effaced. He said I'm at a good place. I did cry. I am just so overwhelmed about Alex going back to work next week that I can hardly bare it. He must have felt some sympathy because he said if I don't go into labor by Friday morning to come in at 9:30. Bring a book and he would get me in to strip the membranes again. If at that point I am dilated to a 4 he will admit me. This is because I am progressing and he wouldn't necessarily be starting me, just continuing the process. Something to that effect. So here I am. Still no contractions. I am a little sore, but really hoping it works. We'll see.


  1. Ha ha ha...
    Oh, that's funny you added the picture.
    I'm not laughing at you or your situation!
    I hope this baby comes soon for you!
    Btw...does baby have a name?
    At least you know you will not ever be preg again after monday the latest!!

  2. Oh, Anna! Reading that made me sad. I hope that you will be able to have her on Friday so that you can start feeling better.

  3. your baby already born?