Sunday, November 28, 2010

Friday (Thanksgiving Week)

FRIDAY! One of the BEST things about thanksgiving is the food right? You get together with family and pig out all day. Then you come home and what happens??? NO FOOD. We've decided from now on we will have a day where we make all the food and have another day to pig we get left overs! When we finally rolled out of bed we got cooking. Alex turned on the Football games, peeled and cut potatoes while I went to work on the pies. Our turkey slow cooked in the oven all night. The food was DEEELISH! We pretty much sat around all day watching football games and eating. That night was the big BSU game. I was pretty sure they'd win and I was pretty tired. I fell asleep in the middle of the game. During my slumber Alex started to make a lot of noise. I opened my eyes and saw what was happening with the game...BSU was LOSING!??? WHAT?? Those last two quarters I was on edge. I couldn't believe it. I love a good game but it really stresses me out. After their loss I had a hard time sleeping. Funny huh?? Too much football that day I guess.

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