Saturday, November 20, 2010

"We Are Fam-il-y"

We finally got a quick 1 minute opportunity for a family photo. Of course, what would a family picture be without at least one of little ones being in a BAD mood!?? This is the first picture we've ever had all together since Lexi was born. Talk about a challenge. :)

So the weather is changing. Winter made a sneak peak this morning and gave this valley a skiff of snow. Dejah just couldn't resist. Of course my first answer to her was "No Dejah, its too cold". It must have been completely irresistible because she threw on her snow boots and sweats and went out anyway. Funny girl. I couldn't stop her and she spent over a half hour out there tromping around in the melted down slush.

This last week was fun. I got to go out with a few of my friends. We did a little Christmas shopping. I finally bought my girls the dumb pillow pets they've been BEGGING for. Ugh, seriously?? A stuffed animal that costs $20!! Anyway if that's what they want I guess I can't complain. They could be asking for ipods, wii's, and other more expensive things.

Friday evening I took Alex out on a MUCH needed date. It was nice to just spend some time together. I wish he liked Harry Potter, cuz I totally would have taken him. Now I'm trying to figure out when and who I will go see it with.

In other things this week, Logan has had the "poops". Not sure what else to call it, but he gets on these days that I swear the kid goes up to 10 times in a day, meaning...I have to bathe his rear or he gets really bad rash. I'm sure you all wanted to read that ;)

This week Alex has the whole week off for Thanksgiving. We aren't going anywhere. Its just way too much work on me to travel with all these kids. Wish me luck in the dinner department. I'm gonna need it.


  1. Oh good... Alex has the whole week off! We are here and were trying to figure out a time to do something. I'm thinking Monday or Tuesday maybe at that new jumping place! We'll call you tomorrow!

  2. Dejah told me today in class that she really wants a pillow pet...good thing you already have it! She is so cute in class!