Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Snow Day!

Snow Day!!!

Dejah and her little!!!.........

What would an outing be without some kind of emotional meltdown from Mycah?

"Look Mom! There's snow on my nose!"

Yes, My boy is dressed in girly pastels with pink and purple boots. What else would you expect??

Daddy got home just in time for sledding.


  1. What fun memories those kids are getting!

  2. Thank you for your comment friend. I love the honesty. It cracks me up that you deleted your previous one because you thought it would scare me. Did you forget who you were writing to?hahaha You can NEVER scare me!! I love the honesty whether good or bad. That's what makes us human...and normal;)

  3. Crazy but I sometimes miss the snow. I guess I get my feel for it at Christmas! Can't believe all the snow Idaho has gotten already, it's crazy. Love your little man in the snowsuit! Had to do that one year with my boy too! Haha!