Monday, March 21, 2011


Last Thursday we finally got some Sun!  It wasn't too warm, but there is just something about the sun that says "come out and play".  The girls wanted to go play on their scooters in the front, so I let them.  They were probably out there a good hour before they came in the house, which was around 2:30.  A few hours later right after dinner I told them to go out and get their scooters and put them away.  Dejah comes in the house, "They're gone!"  Naturally I figured Alex must have moved them.  When I asked him about it he said he didn't even see them when he got home from work.  Last effort I thought I'd check the backyard.  Nothing.  Which leaves the most UNDESIRABLE option....they were stolen!!!  Seriously??!!  WHO DOES THAT?  FREAKING COWARDS!  Probably some kids walking by.  Either on their way home from school (because that was the time they disappeared).  Or some kids walking to the pond after school.  (We have a park with a pond in our subdivision.)  The scooters were in the driveway, right next to the sidewalk.  I am just so mad about it.  Mycah's was BRAND NEW.  She just got it for Christmas.  And Dejah's was a really nice Razor.  We won't be able to replace them this year so I'm really bummed!  I just don't understand the mind of a thief.  What is it inside them that tells themselves that it is ok and that they deserve those things more?  We are not rich by any means.  I have four kids to provide for and those things aren't cheep.  Anyway, we made up a flier, and Mycah and I walked around the subdivision leaving them on doors.  We only got half done.  Maybe if it stops raining this week we'll finish the rest of the houses.

Here is the flier:

Yesterday (Thurs. March 17) Sometime between 2:30 and 6 my little girls’ scooters were taken from my driveway in ####### off #####  If  you or your kids have seen them, or know where they might be please call ####### or drop them off at house ####.  I will even offer a little reward to anyone with information.  I would really just like to have them back.  I don’t have the ability to just go buy new ones.  Thankyou.
(Pink Disney Princess Scooter)
(Silver with Red Razor Scooter)


  1. That is awful! I am with you, I don't understand why people steal, and what makes them think they deserve it more than we do. There is nothing worse than working hard for something, and then having someone take it. I feel the same way, we aren't rich, and usually when we buy something we have had to save up to get it. Sorry that happened. Hopefully you can get some answers with the flyers.

  2. ooops, I just realized I put some personal info on that post. so hopefully I'm not too late on the #####'s.