Monday, May 23, 2011

When The Boys Are Gone.......

We have "Little" Girls Night!
Complete with Pedicures, Dinner, and Frozen Yogurt!

Friday was Father's and Sons camp out and Alex decided to take Logan.  So Me and a couple friends decided to take our girls out for some pampering.  What a treat!  It was so cute to see the looks on their faces.  After their pedicures we went to Carino's for some yummy pasta then went to U-Swirl for a treat.  The girls had a blast!  Lexi did great.  I can't believe how much smoother things are without my two year old boy.  Anyway.  The next morning I took all the girls to the mall so I could get myself some cute jeans....(its seriously been since Mycah was a new baby and that was 4 years ago).  Again the girls were great.

The camp out was at a place called Sucker Creek.  I don't have any pictures, but Alex said it was ok.  There was a creek, and some trees and grass.   On their way up they got some burgers and fries.  At the camp site Logan pretty much lived on Oreo cookies and Doritos.  (Gotta love Dads)  Alex blew up the air mattress in the back of the van.  All the seats were down so they fit just perfect.  They had their sleeping bags, pillows, and flashlight.  No tent required.  And Alex said Logan slept pretty good until the morning when he got a little cold.  He snuggled up to Alex and went right back to sleep.  Anyway.  I'm glad they went.  We all had a good time.