Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bunk Beds and the Toddler Bunk

So a friend of mine decided she didn't want this bunk bed after having it for only a few months.  I wasn't quite ready for a new bunk bed set however I COULD NOT pass up the opportunity to have it all put together.  So here it is.  I moved Dejah to the top and got a new bed set for Mycah and put her on the bottom.

I finally got some pictures of the Toddler Bunk....Redone.  I really needed Lexi to sleep in the same room with the girls without buying a new crib, so I turned the bottom bunk into a makeshift crib (no bars).  It works FABULOUS!  Here are the pictures finally!  Hopefully when Logan gets out of his "no sleep funk" (in a couple years or so).  He can share this with Lexi.