Monday, August 1, 2011


So I had to copy this paragraph from my Sister-in-Law's blog.  She just says it perfectly!

Gabe (Alex) and Brigitte (Dejah and Mycah) headed off to the annual Beal Family Campout at Redfish Lake last night....leaving me and the Mister (babies) home to fend for ourselves this week. I must admit at first I was feeling slightly gipped not being able to muster the sanity to go along with them...but the thought of our family tent camping for 4 nights was too much to endure. Just the thought of washing milk bottles from a spicket pump thingy, or traipsing off to the gross toilet situation 3 times a night with a head lamp guiding the way....not to mention the wild animals (my kids) going without naps, balanced meals, or any sort of schedule - it was making me have a seizure just CONSIDERING it.

LOL!  Seriously exactly how I feel about it!  Christy's husband Gabe left yesterday with Alex and the girls.  They will head home Wednesday just in time for us to turn around and leave again! Thursday morning we will all be heading out on another camp out to Hell's Canyon with my family.  If these two trips were not back to back, I may have attempted a night or two at Redfish.  However, the thought of SEVEN nights with BABIES in a tent surrounded by an endless supply of dirt....well a "seizure" sounds about right.  Lexi is almost one.  She wants to be mobile...which is not so fun when you are surrounded by wilderness.  The sleeping is my biggest fear.  I have a hard enough time doing that in my own bed, let alone on a shared air mattress surrounded by my kids who may or may not sleep well.  Lets just say I will be bringing along some sleeping pills and ear plugs.  In the mean time, this week I will be preparing food so that it is completely ready when we get there.  Wish me luck.  I'll post about it when we get back. 

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