Thursday, April 26, 2012

Busy Busy and Super Naughty

Right now we are getting toward the end of the second semester.  Alex is SO SO SO busy.  I have seriously been ready to lose my mind.  I love my kids, but I have not had a break from them in WEEKS.  Not for a date.  Not for an hour, Not for two.  Where I go, they go.  Simple, and tiring. On top of that they have entered this new stage of naughtiness.  Dejah (who is typically my easiest, has been a bit whiny.  She wants to play with friends everyday.  She doesn't want to be in baseball. blah blah blah).  Mycah, is actually doing really good for Mycah.  But she gets these emotional outbursts that make your hairs stand on edge.  Logan, is just a busy busy two year old.  He wants your attention when he wants it.  When you don't give it he will scream until you do. Now Lexi is my NEW torture.  What happened?  My little baby girl who was super phasing into a TODDLER!  Since she is the baby, she plays it up to her full advantage.  She will fuss and stamp her feet when she wants you to hold her.  She hits her siblings.  She will carry a toy of some sort around the house and give everyone a dirty look and say "My" (mine).  If you ask her a question her reply is always "No".  What is worse is that she has a two year old brother that encourages all levels of naughty behavior.  So if I go anywhere with them, I have to keep my eyes on them the whole time. Baseball is my biggest challenge...because for some reason they know they will get A LOT of Mommies attention when they walk into a parking lot....or street!  I am seriously beside myself.  How will I ever handle two toddlers?  Last week I was having such an emotional meltdown about it that I decided I was going to find myself a flight to Hawaii!  No joke.  My brother lives there, in an apartment by himself.  I was thinking when school gets out and Alex has a few free days, I would just leave.  Sounds nice huh?  Too bad I can't afford the flight there. Anyway, I also don't see Alex much.  He has so much going on.  I finally came to the conclusion that he is only allowed (by me) to do two "extra" things per week.  (not including homework)  This basically means that his church calling, his boards and committees, and other stuff can only take two nights away from us.  Sound good?  I think so.

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  1. I only have 1 kid but I totally get what you mean by "allowing" him to only do so many things! Collin and Alex must be a lot alike, because I swear to you my husband takes off 5 times more than he can chew.... and then even more! It drives me nuts. I'm glad he's so dedicated to everything but seriously family and wife help have to fit in there too! I am sorry your kids are being stinkers too!