Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Screeching Halt

It was a good effort I believe.  Working out and eating right.  I ate NO sugar for a week.  For me that is a huge accomplishment.  I'm sure I could have gone longer, but when something really stressful came up I had to cave.  I wouldn't say that I am the type to eat junkfood and soda all day, but when I get stressed it is the way I cope.  Anyway, I am still trying to eat better.  I actually really love healthy food I just hate to cook.  I still love my green smoothies.
Now to the working out thing. I was doing REALLY good.  I was feeling good. I had been going on about a month and had a routine going.  I was doing as much of P90X as I could handle.  On the days I wasn't feeling like P90X I would speed walk the treadmill for a 1/2 hour.  Then follow up with 8 minute abs and 8 minute buns.  It all felt really good.  I didn't mind being sore unless it prevented me from daily mobility.  One Saturday morning about 2 1/2 weeks ago I had just finished up a really hard walk/run on the treadmill.  After I got off I decided to do some leg lifts on the pull up bar.  After those I wanted to try a pull up.  I grabbed a hold of the bar and with all my might tried to pull myself up. Instantly I felt and heard a pop in my neck quickly followed by pain. I let go and stood there saying "no, no, no...."  "no, no, I didn't just throw out my neck".  (Everything inside me just wanted to lay down, but I knew that would not be good).  I was thinking..."ok, just breathe, now do the stretches you were taught by the chiropractor", "ok, ice and ibuprophin".....I was DETERMINED to stop whatever I had started on that pull-up bar.  I sat down with my ice and quickly realized that this was not just a little thing.  I was so upset.  Just a month prior to starting my work outs I had spent a ton of time getting my neck back in working order.  It was a long and expensive ordeal that I did not want to repeat.  I knew that I would not get to work out again for a while.  And I didn't want to see the Chiropractor again...mainly because I didn't want to spend the $$.  So here I am.  That day all my efforts to exercise came to a screeching halt.  Two and a half weeks later my neck is doing better, but not back to normal.  I still feel the aching during the days.  Nights are the most difficult and it makes it really hard to sleep.  I'm not sure when I will start to exercise again.  But it won't happen until I feel like my neck can handle it.

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