Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What do Ya do When it SNOWS?

You FINALLY invest in a snow shovel. We had one in Laramie, Alex thought it'd be nice to leave it to the new owners of our house there...since they were friends. We havn't bought one since. Our drive-way NEVER sees Sun the whole whinter, Therefore...it NEVER melts. It is also kind of sloped so you need a running start to get the car in the garage, as your tires will just spin when you go too slow.Alex shovled the neighbor's driveway....ours....and our other neighbor. What a nice guy.
Of course who could resist their first "taste" of fallen snow??? Mycah just wouldn't stop eating it! She loved that fluffy white!

Thanks to her big sister for teaching her that That is what you do with snow.

When we bought the snow shovel, we also had to buy Dejah some new snow boots. You see, my girls have this "oddity" of taking their shoes off wherever they go. Nice? You may think so if you like your newly layed carpet to stay clean. But my girls take them off in stores, cars, houses, churches, wherever...you name it! Socks too! And, they will do it when your back is turned, and you are making several stops. It makes for a very expensive "shoe budget"....And they aren't shoes for ME (which I REALLY hope Santa will bring me, since I am in desperate need...hint, hint, Alex :>) At some point in this last week...Dejah "LOST" her expensive snow boots. What do ya do?......
Just Eat Snow! Yum!


  1. oh my word, you guys got a TON of snow!!! We barely got a dusting of it!! That was so nice of Alex to shovel everyone's drive!! Glad you enjoyed the snow there!

  2. Your girl's snow-suits are really cute!! Speaking of Dejah's shoes....there's one of her pink (hearts I think) canvas shoes in my bedroom at mom and dad's house. I found it under our bed. And holy cow, you guys DID get a lot of snow. You've got just as much as we've got in Burley. We're heading home tomorrow in the middle of the day, see ya this weekend hopefully.

  3. Playing in the snow sounds fun for a minute. (I'm from Florida)
    Shoveling it doesn't sound fun at all. That was very nice of Alex.
    The shoe thing would drive me crazy.
    When mine take theirs off some where they have to give them to me.
    They should charge less for smaller shoes. =)
    When it is cold here we stay INSIDE and play on the slide and monkey bars. They are a lot of fun.

  4. HY if you are looking for some one to have all that snow. Snow whanted in VA. It is all weat her. Love to see it. Love Heidi. G. Lost in Manassas...

  5. you guys have a ton of snow. we heading to boise tomorrow if the weather is good enough. your girls look super cute in their snow suits. i hope you have a very merry christmas.