Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas

For the past couple nights I have been in desperate need to "get out". I love my kids, but sometimes I just need a break. Odd as it may seem, I'm not sure I have close enough friends that I can call and at the drop of a hat, just go out with for a girls night. I called my mom and she suggested that we go to a movie. So I checked movie listings and went out to a movie with my Mom and Dad. We went and saw this one I've never heard of called "The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas". I guess it is a fiction dated back in the time of the Holocaust, based on a book. I really hate to say that I enjoyed the movie because it was quite depressing, BUT, can you honestly think of anything uplifting during that period of time? It was a well done story that portraits the Holocaust in the eyes of a child. It reminded me why God tells us to become as a little child. Only we as Adults could have ever created such horrible circumstances. I was left at the end with mixed emotions. Here is a clip of the trailer.


  1. Oh! I heard that one was really good, thanks for posting the trailer, I knew what it was about but had never actually seen anything about it.

  2. I've heard the movie was good and have wanted to see it. Thanks for the positive endorsement!

  3. I hope you know I need nights out--and call me anytime. By the way we have tried to call you guys like 5 times. We are having a party Sunday night @ 5 wanted you guys to come, if you can bring a white elephant gift and a soup