Thursday, January 20, 2011

Goals? What are those?

Ok so I haven't posted any goals yet. I haven't really made any. So here are some I'm going to attempt to THINK about more often. (ps. they are the same every year and thinking about them happens about once a month)

Family Home Evening!: It seems so simple right? Not for me. I am fully aware that it only has to be a quick 10 to 15 min. thought with the little ones, but it is just another thing I haven't succeeded at.

Personal Prayers and Scriptures: I have really dropped this off the side of the boat since I got married. So my new effort will be in the form of listening to the scriptures on my ipod while I lay in bed struggling to sleep.

Exercise: Oh my, did I really just write that? You're probably thinking..."Oh Anna, you look fine". Right? All I have to say, lets be grateful it is winter and I can limit my wardrobe to sweats, or a big fluffy coat. :) If you think its hard losing baby fat after two??.....just wait there is more (waaaaayyyyy more) to come after four. I want to look good this summer, so I guess I'd better start putting that treadmill to good use. (of course this is all contingent on the sleep issue and won't be aided by diet because I'm completely addicted to unhealthy foods. I would need some serious therapy to change that.)

A NEW ONE! LESS TIME SPENT ON ELECTRONICS. Maybe my house won't get away from me as much?

Be a Better Friend: I have such good friends. They have all been there for me when I need a little help. I have gotten meals when we are sick. Clothing for my kids. The list goes on. I want to pay back the service I've received. I think service makes us happier people. And it feels good.

Well I'd better get busy cleaning house. I have more ideas of things I want to accomplish this year, but I'm way to lazy to keep track. So this will have to do for now.


  1. If I shot for a quick 10-15 min FHE we would never do it either. We are good to get a 2-5 min FHE. But we ALWAYS have a treat after (even if it is a marshmallow or 3 chocolate chips) :) And most of the time we use the nursery manual cause it takes the thinking out of it, just flip it open and talk about the picture, or even follow along with a short lesson. However it was NOT easy to get in the habit. good luck with that goal, it's a lot easier now cause Lydia helps us remember.

  2. You are blessing your family a thousand times a day by every tiny thing you do. That's a pretty impressive feat right there.