Thursday, January 20, 2011

Not Myself Lately

I have so much to do today, but I really need to blog. So I'm going to do this first. I have posted some things but I still have a lot on my mind.

First thing, I am not feeling quite myself lately. I'm kind of thinking it has to do with.....well... maybe because I had another baby five months ago. I know our bodies go through so many hormonal changes in the year or two following birth. I guess you could say I've probably been one big hormonal mess since I started having babies right? :) Anyway, to prevent "further" babies, I had to decide what form of birth control to choose. After discussing it with my Dr., I decided on taking the mini-pill. It basically gives you a smaller dose of hormones. Which I REALLY need. I refuse to go on the regular pill because it makes me psycho! I've already gone into detail about this. Now to my point. The first couple months on this pill, I had NO period! Hallelujah! I was all about that! Then reality hit and I had a period. Then another one. Then another one. Basically, I had the first one for two weeks straight, then every other week they are back. The cramps, the flow, all of it. Do you think maybe this might be contributing to the fatigue? In addition to this I am breaking out! I haven't had zits like this since I went on accutaine for the second time back in 2001! Also for the past week I am getting night sweats again. Ugh! I am going to finish out my next two packs and I am DONE! Lets hope the next two months is a little better. At that time, I will hopefully get an I.U.D. We'll see.

Lexi. My little Angel. She came before I was ready for her, but I'm glad she's here. My nights have been quite off. Typically she'll wake me up a couple times a night, one of those for a bottle. She has been sick, so I've just decided she is old enough to hold out for eight hours, she'll just have to cry. I feed her around 9:30 or 10. If she wakes up before 5, she gets to cry. And she does. I'm hoping she'll just catch on and learn how to go back to sleep. This whole sleeping thing is probably another reason why I'm not feeling quite like myself.

Sleep Problems. I have had spurts of insomnia since I served my mission in 2000-2001. I'm have problems again. I get the kids to bed around 7:30. Lexi eats and goes down around 10. That is probably the point where I need to go to sleep. But! I can't! I get a booste of energy. Why? Not sure, because I'm pretty tired up to that point.

Are you sick of hearing about my issues yet??? :) I promise someday I'll stop posting them ;)

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