Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 5: My Favorite Memory

Let me just say first....It is REALLY Hard to pick a "Favorite" memory.  With that being said.  Here is one that will forever remain in my History book.  I will need more than one picture to tell the story.

Day 05 - A picture of your favorite memory.

August 8, 2011
It was Sunday.  I was MAJORLY Pregnant.  I was SOOOOO ready to have my 4th baby that I was willing to do almost ANYTHING to get her out (that would be a safe of course).

Again, it was Sunday.  We went to my parents house for a couple hours and ended up talking about how my Mom induced her own labor by taking Castor Oil.  She told me she gagged a whole little bottle of it down and it put her into labor.  You have to realize, I was willing to do almost anything!  I didn't have any of that stuff on hand, but I was trying to win some "favor" with the Almighty by keeping the Sabbath Day holy.  I know, call me crazy.  I just felt like I was begging him to make this baby come, and I needed to do the right thing.
That evening we went to have some cake at a friend's house and got on the same subject.  I told them I was desperate, so I was going to wait until Midnight to go get me some Castor Oil.  I would have to hit a 24 Hour Walgreens.  Alex was a little worried about me going out so late by myself, girly friends said they would come with me!

Midnight came, and we headed to Walgreens in Nampa!  I bought my castor-oil and we headed home.

We had so much fun gabbing and laughing!  Seriously one of the funnest times I've had.  Anyway we all pulled into my driveway and they wanted to witness me drinking it down.  (Lucky for me, I researched it first and discovered it doesn't take a whole bottle to do the trick)
 I dumped a couple Tablespoons of that nasty goo into a small glass of Dr. Pepper and down it went.  Two or three swallows later it was done.  No big deal.

That night I had a lot of contractions.  But morning came and they stopped.

Anyway!  Such a FUN FUN memory!  We had a great time!


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